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Custom Wallet Boxes Manufacturer in China

Get exceptional design wallet boxes at JML. We supply all types, sizes, and shapes of wallet boxes designed from high-quality special paper materials. Elevate the presentation of your premium wallet using our packaging.

  • High-end wallet boxes
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Beautifully crafted box holding your alluring wallet

JML Custom Wallet Boxes

JML fashionable and elegant wallet boxes are ideal for protecting your high-end promotional products during shipping and extending shelf life. It also offers excellent presentations and helps to arrange wallets decently. These products come in rectangular or square shapes and all sizes. It can be customized to different colors, finishing options, and styles you prefer. We can design wallet boxes with eye-catching printed content including graphics, artwork, illustrations, your brand’s logo, etc.

You can rely on JML for your specific luxurious wallet box idea. We have in-house design support and a skilled team that will confirm the best plan for you. Have a discussion with us about the custom boxes you want. Message us today!

Coated Paper with Ribbon Wallet Box
Coated Paper with Ribbon Wallet Box

Made from hard paper board, coated paper with ribbon wallet box has a smart closure design and elegant mounted paper.

Custom Cardboard Wallet Box
Custom Cardboard Wallet Box

Custom cardboard wallet box is strong and durable. These are the perfect gifts for any special occasion, fashionable and recyclable.

Custom Printable Wallet box
Custom Printable Wallet box

JML can custom print wallet boxes in full color, vivid finishes and high-quality printing using modern printing machines.

Luxury Wallet Box
Luxury Wallet Box

Avail luxury wallet box at a very cost-effective rate at JML. Available in rectangle, heart, and foldable shape boxes.

Magnetic Flap Closure Wallet Box
Magnetic Flap Closure Wallet Box

Magnetic flap closure wallet box features easy to open and close. It has a glossy or matte lamination, customized according to your idea.

Recyclable Wallet Box
Recyclable Wallet Box

Wallet Box is made from recyclable, eco-friendly and reusable paper materials. Exquisite wallet packaging for your projects.

JML Custom Wallet Boxes Advantages

High Quality
High Quality

JML uses high-quality and special paper materials to create premium-quality packaging boxes. Guaranteed protects and covers your goods.

sturdy and beautiful
Sturdy and Beautiful

Display your wallet products in a catchy and elegant manner using our specially crafted wallet boxes. Choose the desired custom-printed boxes here.


From packaging colors, shapes, size, and various cardboard materials to packaging design services, you can trust JML company.

Perfect for Business
Perfect for Business

These unique wallet boxes enable you to improve your brand reputation without encountering significant obstacles.

Custom Wallet Box Specifications

  • Box Shape – rectangular or cube shape design
  • Box Style – sleeve or two-piece, pick tuck end style, customized
  • Material – paper, white or grey paper, special paper, cardboard, coated paper, etc.
  • Sizes – available in all custom sizes
  • Quantity – small or large productions
  • Print Quality & Inks – We utilize atmospherically neutral inks that are friendly to the environment.
Wallet Box Supplier
Wallet Box Supplier

Excellent Surface Finishing

We offer superior quality surface coatings, finishes and laminations to manufacture beautiful and elegant wallet boxes. You can consider the following:

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Embossing, Foiling
  • Gloss AQ, Spot UV, Gloss UV, Matte UV
  • Semi-gloss varnish, gloss varnish, matte varnish, etc.

Unique and Elegant Custom Wallet Boxes

If you require a unique and fabulous wallet box, JML is the ultimate choice. We manufacture lovely and eye-catching wallet packaging ideal for storing and protecting your wallet. Having a creative wallet box can help you stand out from competitors. It features:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Beautifully printed logo
  • Customized options
  • Cost-effective products
  • Crafted from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials

JML pledge to provide excellent packaging that will preserve your goods and present them beautifully on the market. Message us today!

Wallet Box Supplier

JML - Expert Wallet Box Supplier in China

Wallet Box Supplier
Wallet Boxes Manufacturer

For more than 12 years, JML prided itself in the mass production of wallet boxes in China. For excellent client experience and satisfaction, we are fully committed to improving the quality of our packaging and services. All boxes are manufactured under strict quality control and inspection. It passed different certifications such as ISO, FSC, EU, SEDEX, etc. You can guarantee perfect design packaging boxes at JML.

Being a leader in this industry we offer a complete range of wallet box packaging and services. Our array of custom wallet packing boxes and displays enables you to choose the best solutions for your needs. JML provides several types of wallet box printing methods to exceed your needs. You can choose the best one or we can recommend the perfect printing process.

Explore the limits of design and construction while enjoying the freedom of packaging possibilities. With improved packaging and advanced alternatives, your product can compete in the market and stand out from the competition. We are always happy to assist you in finding the material and finish your desire if you are seeking something specific.

Wallet Box Supplier
High-Quality Printing Methods
  • Digital Printing – it can be used to print a wide range of various colors to wallet boxes. Easy method, cost-effective, and transfer directly photographic images accurately. We can customize the print in various ways depending on your request.
  • Offset Printing – The best printing choice is offset printing, which offers incredibly clear details in any design. Offset printing is available in a wide range of custom finishes options and vivid color output. Making it perfect for producing upscale and retail packaging.
  • Screen Printing – Screen printing provides high-quality output and offer durable long-lasting prints. Perfect for paper materials, easy to print on specified areas.
Wallet Box Supplier
Custom Wallet Boxes Advantages to Your Business

Skyrocket your business with custom wallet boxes at JML, it offers various advantages:

  • Create your own identity by having your company details printed on the box
  • Attract and attach new customers
  • Generate additional sales and profit
  • Improved shopping experience of existing customers
  • Easily made available at the most reasonable price
  • Boost how valuable people think of your products

Why 5000+ Brand Trust JML Competence

Premium Assistance from Experts
Premium Assistance from Experts

Get one-on-one support from real individuals who are experts in packaging and wallet box design at JML. Our professionals will collaborate with you to fully grasp your objectives before making project-specific recommendations. We are aware that the success of our clients is also our success.

  • Packaging artwork and visual designs
  • Structural engineering & design
  • 3D design or get a physical prototype
Stringent Quality Control Management
Stringent Quality Control Management

Guarantee to received defect-free packaging boxes from JML. We guarantee strict quality control in all process including:

  • Materials selection and inspection
  • Printing and strict color management
  • Explicit designing processes
  • Packaging and delivery
Lower Price and Higher Value
Lower Price and Higher Value

JML is supported by expert material suppliers that provide consistent quality goods so that our customers can get high-quality packaging for less. Lower pricing for all of our consumers to enjoy are a result of our expanding company. Our customers can easily obtain better packaging at a lower cost thanks to our in-house structural and artwork design services.

Fast Turnaround Production Time
Fast Turnaround Production Time

JML is expert in providing short-term methods and excellent designing techniques. Through specialized and automated production machines, we can work quickly to offer your unique packaging.

Offer Low MOQ
Offer Low MOQ

Whether you require small or large production of wallet boxes, JML can help you and design impressive and durable packaging solutions. Our team will support your start-ups and small businesses to grow and succeed.

Wallet Boxes Manufacturer in China
Stunning and Personalized Wallet Boxes for Your Business

Get attractive designs and mesmerizing looks in custom wallet boxes at JML. Reliable manufacturer with 12+ years of manufacturing experience. Create noticeable at first sight wallet boxes engraved with catchy phrases and color schemes. Message us now!

  • “Thank you, JML for custom rigid wallet box manufacturing.  They provide visually appealing wallet packaging perfect for protecting and in-housing my wallet brands. High-quality printing and finishes, cost-effective products. Will definitely buy it again..”

  • We have been cooperating with JML for how many years and all we can say is what an amazing company. They have superb customization services, free samples to test the quality, mass production, and hassle-free logistics. All wallet boxes have attention-grabbing designs and styles!

  • I highly recommend JML for a unique wallet box. All products are obviously manufactured and crafted from high-quality paper materials. These are sturdy and strong boxes perfect for our leather wallet products. Thank you, JML.

Do You Have Tray And Sleeve Wallet Boxes?


It is one of the most popular wallet boxes in the market today. They feature a nice tray alongside a tab. We also have tuck top designs.

What Are The Window Options For Wallet Boxes?

Wallet boxes with window options are becoming more popular due to their diversity. We can add window to wallet boxes which can be on:

  • Front section
  • Back section
  • Top and bottom section

Depending on your requirements, the window can have patching with cellophane material or a cutout section.

Windows allow customers to have a glimpse at the wallets in the boxes.

Do Your Wallet Boxes Have Extra Features?

Apart from the standard feature you can find in most wallet boxes, our boxes may have ribbons, thread handles, silver or gold foiling.

There are also rigid wallet boxes featuring magnetic closure.

Do You Have Premade Wallet Boxes Templates?

Yes we do.

In fact, we will help you make perfect designs that will make your brand competitive in the market.

How Soon Can I Get My Custom Wallet Boxes Order Complete?

We guarantee fast turnaround on all your custom wallet orders. We dedicate a team which helps you in the entire design process and subsequent procedures.

This way, there will be no delays for your order to be delivered.

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