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Sleeve Boxes Manufacturer in China

JML is offering a huge selection of high-quality sleeve boxes at affordable rates.

Our sleeve packaging boxes are perfect for packaging any type of product.

They are available in many different styles, colors, sizes, materials, and other options.

  • Over 12 years of manufacturing experience
  • Accepts OEM & ODM orders
  • 2000+ global cases
  • Supports low minimum order quantities

JML Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve packaging boxes are 2-piece boxes that include a sleeve and a tray. They are also known as drawer packaging since they can give your customers a slide-to-reveal unboxing experience. Their tray can be closed from the sides, front, or back depending on your requirements. Moreover, these boxes can be used for packaging various kinds of products such as toys, cosmetics, perfumes, stationery, jewelry, and much more.

The sleeve packaging boxes are recognized for their high extra visual aesthetics, unique style, durability, and excellent quality. We manufacture them from different types of top-quality paperboards, cardboards, and other materials. Their sizes, shapes, styles, designs, colors, and other specifications can be customized depending on your desire.

If you have any questions, please contact us and our team will respond to you quickly!

JML Sleeve Boxes Series

Eyelashes Sleeve Box

The eyelashes sleeve boxes are designed with a clear window on the top for an elegant presentation, ribbon handles for sliding, and inserts to keep the eyelashes in place inside. They have a premium appearance.

Custom Paperboard Sleeve Box

The custom paperboard sleeve packaging boxes can be printed with your own logo, designs, labels, etc. They can also be added with optional accessories such as ribbons, blisters, foams, and more based on your needs.

Rectangle Sleeve Box

For packaging watches, jewelry, and eyewear, the ideal packaging solution is the rectangle sleeve box. It has a modern and elegant appearance. Also, it is made from high-quality and rigid coated paper.

Sleeve Box with Ribbon Rope
Sleeve Box with Ribbon Rope

JML offers sleeve packaging boxes that are designed with a ribbon rope or handle for easy sliding or opening experience. They are customizable and can be used for packaging different types of products.

Cardboard Sleeve Box
Cardboard Sleeve Box

The cardboard sleeve packaging boxes have a luxurious and professional look. They are made from eco-friendly, rigid, and premium quality cardboard paper. Also, they are commonly used as gifts during corporate events.

Sleeve Box with Thumb Notch
Sleeve Box with Thumb Notch

The sleeve packaging boxes that have thumb tabs or notch are designed so you can open the box easily. They are made from durable kraft paperboard. Moreover, they can be used for packaging cosmetic products.

JML Sleeve Boxes Advantages

Superb Durability
Superb Durability

The sleeve packaging boxes have a durable construction. They will not break, scratch, or tear easily. Also, they are made from rigid materials and can protect the products inside from damage.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

Our well-trained and expert designers can help your business or brand stand out by offering custom sleeve packaging boxes. We can customize them in accordance with your exact requirements.


To make your brand stand out, our sleeve packaging boxes have extra visual aesthetics, a professional look, unique style, and elegant design. Due to that, your brand or products will receive the greatest exposure.


JML complies with the international environmental conservation standards. We are using environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable materials. The finishes of the boxes are also not toxic to the environment.

Wide Range of Materials

Our sleeve packaging boxes are made from the most durable, eco-friendly, and high-quality materials to ensure a durable packaging. They can be made from various types such as cardstock papers, cardboards, coated papers, SBS papers, or specialty papers.

Different types of paperboards can also be used such as metallized paperboards, CCNB paperboards, kraft paperboards, and many more. Corrugated cardboards such as bleached corrugated cardboards, natural kraft cardboards, and more can also be used. However, if you need other specific materials, you can tell us!

Wide Range of Materials
Custom Sleeve Boxes

Custom Sleeve Boxes

Attract more customers and make your product unique and appealing with our custom sleeve packaging boxes. JML has the ability to produce aesthetically appealing and attention-grabbing custom sleeve packaging boxes at reasonable prices. We can manufacture sleeve packaging boxes that represent your business or brand. You can us your send stunningly beautiful designs, brand logo, business name, or labels and we will print them on your custom sleeve packaging boxes.

Furthermore, we can customize the materials, sizes, shapes, and other details based on your requirements. If you want to know more about our customization capability, feel free to contact us!

Why Choose JML

  1. Customer Services – To satisfy our customers, we have a professional team to entertain your queries regarding our sleeve packaging boxes. We can also give you professional after-sales services.
  2. Fast Delivery – One of our top priorities is on-time delivery. For that reason, our team works incredibly hard to finish the production of custom sleeve packaging boxes as quickly as possible.
  3. OEM & ODM services – To suit your specific needs in your business, we accept your OEM/ODM orders. Our sleeve packaging boxes can be customized in any shape, size, style, etc.
Why Choose JML

JML – Your One-Stop Sleeve Box Packaging Solution

Your One-Stop Sleeve Box Packaging Solution
Your One-Stop Sleeve Box Packaging Solution1

JML is delighted to provide the customers with superior quality and highly durable sleeve packaging boxes at reasonable prices. All of our packaging sleeves have undergone testing and inspections that show that they won’t easily get dented, bent, scratched, or damaged. We have quality control in the production of sleeve packaging boxes from selection of raw materials, preproduction, and to the finished products. Before delivering them, we also tested and inspected them thoroughly. Due to that, you can have a full confidence on the quality and reliability of our sleeve packaging boxes.

If you are looking for professional OEM services, high-quality sleeve packaging boxes, or expert sleeve box manufacturer, you can rely on JML! Contact us for your inquiries.

JML | Sleeve Boxes Supplier in China

Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories

Additional or optional accessories and features can be added on the sleeve packaging boxes depending on your desires. Some of the options include

  • Window patching
  • Inserts to divide the items inside
  • Transparent windows for viewing the contents inside
  • Blister tray
  • EPE foam
  • Ribbons
  • Thumb notch or hole
  • Pull tab for sliding the drawer
Printing & Finishing Options
Printing & Finishing Options

To print your beautiful designs, logos, or labels, we can use various advanced methods of printing such as embossing, debossing, cold foil printing, silk screen printing, hot foil stamping, UV printing, digital, printing, offset printing, and many more.

Furthermore, to enhance the durability and appearance of the sleeve packaging boxes, different types of laminations and coatings can be added such as UV coating, spot varnishing, aqueous coating, gloss or matte lamination, silk lamination, anti-scratch lamination, soft-touch coating, and so on.

We can customize the finishing or printing methods depending on your requirements.

Wide Range of Applications


The sleeve packaging boxes are the perfect packaging solution for different types of cosmetics such as lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, foundations, eyebrow pencils, nail polishes, and other cosmetic products. They can present your products in the most elegant and luxurious way.


To present the jewelry products without opening the box completely, we can customize the sleeve packaging boxes with clear windows. The sleeve packaging boxes can be used for packaging and protecting earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry. And to keep the jewelry tangle-free and neat, they are usually designed with inserts, blisters, or foam inside.

Apparel Products
Apparel Products

JML manufactures sleeve packaging boxes for suits, shirts, dresses, and other apparel products. Our sleeve packaging boxes for apparel products have been widely used in many boutiques, retail stores, online apparel stores, clothing outlets, etc. They are made from thick and durable materials to ensure that the products stored are safe from possible damage. We can print your brand logo on the boxes.

Choose JML Sleeve Boxes to Grow Your Business!
Choose JML Sleeve Boxes to Grow Your Business!

As a result of providing our customers the best sleeve packaging boxes, better prices, excellent after-sales services, and OEM services, many companies and businesses trust JML! We have over 12 years of experience and rest assured that we are capable of meeting your specific sleeve packaging box needs.

  • I am more than pleased to recommend JML as a supplier of excellent quality sleeve packaging boxes. JML is my supplier of packaging boxes for many years. And they are really committed to providing excellent services and quality products to their customers. We have improved our business thanks to them!

  • Thank you so much, JML for your outstanding customer service! Your team always responds to my queries quickly and has given us some professional advice when it comes to the packaging business. Also, your sleeve packaging boxes are durable and high-quality. They have vivid and attractive printing. I am looking forward to working with your team again!

  • My products look professional and luxurious thanks to the sleeve packaging boxes from JML! The print designs were very attractive and can grab the customers’ attention. Most of all, they customized the boxes in accordance with my exact details. They are sturdy and presentable!

When Should You Choose Tray And Sleeve Boxes?

Tray and sleeve boxes, also known as drawer boxes, are an excellent choice if you’re seeking a unique way to present your products. You can use them to different your brand from others.

Are Sleeve Boxes Easy To Assemble?


You don’t need more than a minute to assemble or fold them. And you don’t even have to use glue or tape.

How Do Thin-walled Vs Thick-walled Sleeve Boxes Compare?

Sleeve boxes come in two standard designs:

  • Thin-walled boxes – these ideal for storing light weight or an assortment of products.
  • Thick-walled sleeve boxes – these have thicker inner walls that act as inserts and are ideal for slightly heavier products and delicate products that need more protection during transport.
How Do You Order For Custom Sleeve Boxes?

It is easiest to order custom sleeves through the manufacturer’s website.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the website and request a quote. When doing so, you need to specify the individual design, the graphics, and other specifications.
  • You can start with a trial run to test the quality of boxes before ordering bulk.
  • Upload your design to the template we provide when you place your order. The production process usually takes two weeks once your order has been approved.
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