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Custom Paper Wine Box Supplier

JML delivers a custom paper wine box that protects and highlights any type of wine.

We can create high-end designs, and style paper wine boxes that stand out—fast and easy production for your projects.

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  • Offer optimal protection, efficient transportation
  • Elegant and attractive presentation
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Cost-effective custom options

JML Custom Paper Wine Box

Paper wine boxes are used to store, exhibiting and presenting any wine products. These are excellent packaging for champagne, Chinese spirits, red wine and more. We supply overwhelming and elegant variety of paper wine boxes to amaze your target customer. Our team will help you create extravagant boxes from the finest quality materials such as corrugated carton, cardboard paper, etc. It comes in an extensive range of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, decorations, and many more. With a several types of printing methods, coatings, artwork, you can find the best printed paper wine box at JML.

Get a luxury wine packaging with aesthetic appeal to impress customers. Custom your paper wine boxes with our materials and options. Message us today!

Custom Single Cardboard Wine Bottle Box
Custom Single Cardboard Wine Bottle Box

Get exclusive gift packaging for your bottle of wine in JML. We can personalize a single wine bottle box covered with an all-over relief pattern.

Custom Double Bottle Wine Box
Custom Double Bottle Wine Box

Custom double bottle wine box is a simple but strong box. It can look very luxurious and chic using our special printing techniques and coatings.

Red Wine Bottle Gift Packaging with Handles
Red Wine Bottle Gift Packaging with Handles

Red wine bottle gift packaging with handles to attract your customers. Can be fully printed inside and outside in full color.

3-Bottle Wine Carrier Box
3-Bottle Wine Carrier Box

JML creates a plain and smooth 3-bottle wine carrier box with astonishing printing according to your desires. Hold firmly the weight of bottle.

Custom Prints Paper Wine Box
Custom Prints Paper Wine Box

Get custom prints paper wine box made from the highest standards, cardboard strong material. Available in any dimension and size.

Elegant Black Quality Paper Wine Box
Elegant Black Quality Paper Wine Box

Elegant black quality paper wine box perfect for gift and craft use. Made from cardboard paper, with embossing, and matt lamination finish.

Custom Paper Wine Box Features

High Quality
High Quality

High-quality boxes with a full range colour print for attractive advertisement and logos. Ensures security and protection wine boxes.


Our wine boxes can be stored and used again in the future. It can be recycled and utilized as new material. Promote your brand while save the planet.

Sturdy and Lightweight
Sturdy and Lightweight

Paper wine boxes are made lightweight but sturdy to protect and store wines. We use high standards and strong paper materials.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

Get the latest design and print of the paper wine box according to your sample or idea. We offer OEM and ODM services for your projects.

Durable Raw Materials

JML uses various types of paper packaging materials to create beautiful and strong wine boxes. You can choose the specifications of your wine boxes and let JML design and manufacture them for you. Some are the following materials we use:

  • Corrugated carton
  • Cardboard paper
  • Gray board, Dutch board
  • Kraft corrugated
  • Bleached corrugated, etc.
Paper Wine Box
Paper Wine Box

High Quality Printing Technology

To capture the attention of your customers and promote your brand, JML provide high-quality custom printing technology that lasts for a long time. You can decide what type of printing method or we can suggest the best one.

  • Offset Printing – High-quality print, offering exceptionally crisp details of any design.
  • Digital Printing – affordable and time efficient for smaller orders.
  • UV Printing – provide glossy and elegant print that adds value to any packaging.
  • Water-based Inks – create sustainable printing solutions, eco-friendly, and feature the highest surface tension of all inks.

Excellent Coatings and Laminations

We offer the best coatings and lamination solutions for a wide range of paper wine box products. These can achieve great and aesthetically finish paper wine boxes.

  • Aqueous Coating – fast-drying coatings, fingerprint resistant, eco-friendly coating option for a range of packaging materials.
  • UV Coating – provides a quality gloss or matte finish that enhanced surface durability. Excellent for making elegant wine box packaging.
  • Spot Gloss UV Coatings – It offers an improved color quality of the logos and images and eye-catching and unique designs.
  • Soft Touch Coating – fingerprint resistant, fast drying and provides a velvety finish with luxury and elegance.
Paper Wine Box

JML - Your Trusted Paper Wine Box Supplier

Paper Wine Box
Paper Wine Box

For more than 12 years, JML is trusted by worldwide clients. We create attractive and custom single, two, triple, quad, and 6-count wine boxes design. We manufacture top-notch paper wine boxes with custom prints and designs. Perfect to display, store, and package bottles of wine in a retail store, wine club, restaurants, hotels, etc. Whether you request small or large volume of wine box production, rest assured that JML will develop the right and quality products for you. We offer free samples, efficient manufacturing, fast delivery, affordable prices, and reliable communication services.

Message us now. Our team is ready to help you with your custom artwork and make your designs into reality.


Paper Wine Box
Paper Wine Box Special Finishes

JML has a special technique, process, and special finishes to achieve elegant, fabulous, and classic appearance box packaging. We offer:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing / Debossing
  • Spot UV / Spot Gloss
  • Window Cut-Out
  • Window Patching
Paper Wine Box
Why Trust JML Paper Wine Box

JML has been in the industry for more than 12 years. We provide any type of wine packaging to suit your specific needs. You can trust us and experience:

  • Creative wine packaging design
  • Elegant wine bags and gift boxes
  • Provide special coatings
  • Excellent custom finishes
  • Meticulous structural capabilities
  • Cost-effective services

JML - Company Advantages to Boom Your Business

Certified Company
Certified Management

JML has passed different types of certifications due to our excellence and dedication in this field. We obtain the following;

  • ISO9001, ISO4001
  • SGS, GFA Certification
  • Quality Management System Certificate
Expert Production
Expert Production

With 12+ years of production experience, JML guarantees a smooth transaction, fast production, and hassle-free logistics. All products have:

  • better prices and quality
  • highest industry standard
  • stringent quality control
Strategic Box Designs
Strategic Box Designs

As a professional manufacturer, JML understands your needs and goals. Our professionals work with you to develop endearing packaging strategies. We offer the following:

  • 3D Mockup & Prototyping
  • Artwork & Visual Design
  • Structural Engineering & Design
One-Stop Packaging Solutions
One-Stop Packaging Solutions

We manufacture all types and designs of wine packaging from premium quality materials to suit your needs. You can get custom printed wine bottle boxes in various:

  • sizes, thickness
  • colors
  • patterns
  • printing method, etc.
Paper Wine Box Manufacturer in China
Wholesale Paper Wine Box to Improve Business

JML has been a professional paper wine box supplier in China for 12+ years. Wine packaging is made easy, and provided with any desired finish. We provide excellent OEM and ODM services at a cost-effective rate.

  • Thank you, JML for a reliable custom paper wine box packaging. We are one of the first customers and this company never failed to offer the best products and services. Excellent creativity and modern packaging to the next level.

  • We are so happy working with JML Packaging. They are amazing from day one until the completion of our orders. The team is accommodating and cooperative. All paper wine boxes are superb, high-quality made from superior materials.

  • We received luxurious and custom printed paper wine box for our business. Guaranteed high-quality, cost-effective and recyclable.

Are Paper Wine Box Eco-friendly?


In fact, most paper wine box manufacturers in China are adopting eco-friendly and sustainable paper packaging boxes.

What Makes Printed Luxury Wine Bottle Boxes Unique?

Well, this is due to their unique and stylish printing techniques, which are better than normal paper wine box.

For instance, you may find paper wine box which are fully printed on the exterior and interior sections.

Manufacturers may adopt hot stamp print.

How Do You Assemble Paper Wine Box?

Most manufacturers indicate the assembly process on the paper wine box. It is always a simple and straightforward process.

However, there are paper wine boxes with semi-automatic tuck top and bottom. This feature makes assembly process easier.

Additionally, there are paper wine boxes with unique covers which also act as slanted stand. It makes displaying wine bottle simple.

This is how it works – once you unfold the paper wine box cover, the underneath section automatically forms a stand.

Which Is The Best Material For Making Luxury Wine Bottle Boxes?

A cardboard will make a perfect paper wine box. However, you should note that corrugated cardboard is popular for most paper wine box.

Additionally, you can cover the cardboard with high quality paper for luxurious look.

Why Should Luxury Paper Wine Box Have Inlays?

The inlays ensure all bottles fit perfectly in the paper wine box. Most of these inlays are custom made.

It is the inlays which prevent wine bottle from sliding thereby ensuring safety.

Additionally, the paper wine box inlays may have a number of recesses. With the recesses, you can package other accessories such as brochure, opener, keys, etc.

How Do You Choose Custom Paper Wine Box?

Whenever you are choosing custom paper wine box, consider the following:

  • Type of material
  • Quality custom prints
  • Size of wine box
  • Sustainability if any
  • Ease of opening and closing
  • Card board insert to secure wine bottle
  • Inlays I possible
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