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Custom Paper Wine Bags Manufacturer

Personalized paper wine bags to promote and upgrade your business. JML specialized in customizing wine bags in various features, designs, and logos. Your customers are sure to remember you with your brand logo on the wine bag. Make it easy with JML!

  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • ISO and FSC certified
  • Boost your business’s visibility

JML Custom Paper Wine Bags

Paper wine bags are utilized to package, present, and transport wine bottles. These bags are commonly used by several liquor businesses. With the help of these wine bags, you can boost your business’s visibility and attract more customers. It comes in a variety of styles and coatings. An excellent way to advertise your business overall.

JML uses quality kraft paper or natural ink-printed paper in producing wine bags. Paper has a timeless charm and clean lines. To prevent the bottom of the bags from sagging, they are equipped with a bottom reinforcement. No matter what your business is, you can choose a custom bag that supports your brand. Our bags range in size, shape, and features. They can carry one bottle to four. We can custom-printed wine bags that maintain their elegance and durability. Please contact us directly!

2 Bottle Wine Bag
2 Bottle Wine Bag

JML produced 2 bottle wine bags with strong custom handles. A versatile and convenient way to package any wine bottle.

High Gloss Paper Wine Bag
High Gloss Paper Wine Bag

Make your wine bag a great statement with a shiny gloss finish. It is tear-resistant, customizable, and comfortable to use.

Hologram Laminated Wine Bag
Hologram Laminated Wine Bag

Hologram laminated wine bag is ideal for all occasions. It is durable with a shiny sparkling finish and generic pattern.

Kraft Paper Wine Bag
Kraft Paper Wine Bag

Kraft paper wine bag with twisted handle for easy carry and square bottom for effortless stand up. We have a full range of sizes you can choose from. Get them at a cost-effective rate.

Luxury Paper Wine Bags
Luxury Paper Wine Bags

Customize luxury paper wine bags with a holiday message or your company’s logo. Widely used for breweries, distilleries, gift shops, etc. Easy to personalized with labels and stamps.

Paper Wine Bag with Handle
Paper Wine Bag w/ Handle

Paper wine bag with a handle for easy transportation, carrying wine, gifts, etc. We supply single, double up to 4 bottle wine bags. Choose from our various colors and themes.

JML Paper Wine Bags Features

Economical Price
Economical Price

Our range of paper wine bags is offered at a cost-effective wholesale price and provides a good return on investment. It is lightweight that can save you cost on shipping.


Your customer can use paper wine bags again and again. It is also sustainable which helps eliminate waste and reduce pollution.


Our paper wine bags are widely recognized for their high-quality construction, materials, printing, and coating methods. Start your business with us.


To boom your brand, you can request full customization of your paper wine bags. Decide depending on your specifications and JML will support you along the way.

Paper Wine Bags Application

Paper wine bags are a great bottle packaging for promotional gifts or during a certification. These are ideal for campaigns where you want to strengthen your brands, such as wine shops, trade exhibitions, liquor stores, and other venues.

The wine bag can be entirely customized so that it properly complements your product. You can modify everything from the paper choice, color, sizes, and add-ons. Please don’t be afraid to ask us about your options.

Paper Wine Bag
Paper Wine Bag

Custom Paper Wine Bags Advantages for Your Business

  • Practical, reusable, and recyclable
  • Used directly as gift wrapping
  • Designed completely according to your wishes.
  • Great advertising and promotion
  • Delivered with an FSC certificate
  • Great convenience for customers
  • Enhance product’s value
  • People will remember the name of your brand

Avail Custom-Printed Paper Wine Bottle Bags

JML manufacture custom-printed wine bag using different printing techniques. It includes offset printing, digital printing, screen printing and more. Whether it be a simple or complex logo, artwork, illustrations, text, or an image, our advanced printing machines can print them to your bags. We can help you create lovely patterns that satisfy your requirements.

Plus, we can add spot UV (glossy lacquer layer), spot UV (glossy lacquer layer) hot stamp (foil stamping), embossing or debossing to wine bags, etc. This help press the logo either outward or inward and develop an excellent finish appearance.

Paper Wine Bag

JML – Professional Paper Wine Bag Supplier

Paper Wine Bag
Paper Wine Bag

JML owns sophisticated and automated machines to create high-end paper wine bags. Our team offers a full spectrum of wine bag products & services to worldwide clients. We sourced the best paper materials that maintain their integrity during the meticulous production. You can also benefit from our complete printing techniques that create amazing prints and touch.

Whether you’re a liquor supplier, wine bag wholesaler, or custom company, we are your one-stop packaging solution supplier in China. Our specialist team will work with you until the completion of your orders. With an advanced management system, we can support small or large volume production, follow strict quality control, and offer hassle-free logistics. Contact us right away for your specific needs!

Paper Wine Bag
Why Choose Custom JML Paper Wine Bags
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong and durable
  • High barrier and heavy-duty
  • Food grade bags
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly,
  • Accurate and nice printing
  • Classy, modern and archaize style
Paper Wine Bag
Different Types of Handle Option
  • PP Rope Handle
  • Ribbon Handle
  • Twisted Paper Handle
  • Cotton Handle
  • Grosgrain Handle
  • Nylon Handle,
  • Flat Paper Handle
  • Die-Cut Handle Or Customized.

JML - Your Custom Paper Wine Bag Supplier

Certified Company
Full Certification

JML manufacture under various product and company certifications.  It guarantees reliable and sustainable production. We have passed:

  • ISO9001
  • RoHS
  • SGS standards
  • FSC certificate
Excellent Quality Wine Bag Material
Excellent Quality Wine Bag Material

We can create the best paper wine bag from a variety of materials based on your demands. You can choose from:

  • corrugated paper
  • foil paper
  • cloth-line paper
  • paper board, etc.
Various Coating and Finishing
Various Coating and Finishing

For a perfect and shiny finish, JML will work with you closely to know your coating requirements. We recommend:

  • Embossing
  • Glossy Lamination
  • Foil-Stamping
  • Matt Lamination, etc.
High-Quality Printing Techniques
High-Quality Printing Techniques

Our various printing method leaves crisp, attractive, and long-lasting prints on your bags. For your custom-printing wine bags, we offer:

  • Pantone Printing
  • Offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • UV printing, etc.
Paper Wine Bag Supplier
JML- 12+ Years Manufacturing Experience

JML specialized in paper wine bag manufacturing for more than 12 years. We consistently deliver the finest and most precise design wine bags worldwide. Fast production, strict quality control, free sample, and hassle-free logistics. Message us today!

  • “I highly recommend JML for your next paper wine bag productions. They are very cooperative and professional in this industry. We received great quality, versatile and elegant paper wine bags at a low cost. Thank you, JML.”

  • “We are very satisfied working with JML. All products are manufactured under strict quality control from material selection, mass production, and delivery. Obviously made from quality materials and high-tech machines. ”

  • “Paper wine bags from JML has superb appearance and construction. Wholesale wine bags help promote my business and increase my sales. Will definitely buy again. ”

Are Kraft Paper Wine Bags Affordable In China?

Due to their mass production, Kraft paper wine bottle bags are quite affordable. Due to our ability to mix small batches during production, you will benefit from affordable costs.

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