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Paper Shopping Bags Manufacturer

JML is an FSC-certified manufacturer that creates shopping bags from environmentally-friendly and versatile materials. These bags are strong enough to handle higher weight or pressure. Contact JML for your custom paper shopping bag production.

  • Effectively promote your brand
  • Beautiful and strong
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Easy to customize

JML Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Paper shopping bags are used for packaging different consumer goods. They may transport or carry a variety of commodities, including clothing, literature, food, glass bottles, jewelry, toiletries, gadgets, and more. We use high-quality materials such as kraft paper to make paper shopping bags.

JML has rich shopping bag manufacturing experience. We have a professional team of designers that can meet your custom requirements. You can choose the materials, designs, sizes, colors, type of handle, logos and styles, and other features. We can help you level up your branding to attract more customers and promote your business. Start your business. we offer a low minimum order quantity to support you. Send us your inquiries today!

White Paper Shopping Bag
White Paper Shopping Bag

White paper shopping bags look elegant and professional since they spotlight the logo of your business. Made of a thick material that is torn- and rip-proof.

Kraft Paper Shopping Bag
Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

Kraft paper shopping bag with a handle is strong enough and a useful choice for your business. Accessible in various lengths, widths, and height measurements.

Printed Paper Shopping Bag
Printed Paper Shopping Bag

Printed paper shopping bags can elevate your business through high-quality and crisp custom prints. It is reusable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Glossy Horizontal Paper Shopping Bag
Glossy Horizontal Paper Shopping Bag

Glossy horizontal paper shopping bags possess sleek sophisticated and style-perfect design. High-quality coating, available in all colors.

Luxury Black Paper Shopping Bag
Luxury Black Paper Shopping Bag

Get a unique design luxury black paper shopping bag at JML. These are lightweight, OEKO-Tex 100, FSC, and FDA-certified packaging for your business.

Washable Paper Shopping Bag
Washable Paper Shopping Bag

Washable paper shopping bag is made utilizing efficient, eco-friendly production and finishing processes. It can be washed anytime and reuse.

JML Paper Shopping Bags Features


All paper shopping bags are meticulously test and checked to offer superior durability to a wide range of applications. It is reusable, easy to store, and lightweight.

Precise Design
Precise Design

You can have uniform sizes, precise designs, and types of shopping bags at JML. We will work closely with you to satisfy every requirements.


Our team uses environmentally friendly paper materials in producing a wide range of shopping bags. You can receive elegant and strong bags while saving nature.


No matter what your requirements, we will support you. Choose from a broad range of printing techniques and coatings, colors, sizes, materials, etc.

High Quality Shopping Bag Materials

JML uses high-grade paper materials in creating attractive and strong shopping bags. Some are the following common materials used in the production:

  • Kraft Paper
  • White Paper
  • Coated Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Duplex Paper

Depending on your request, you can receive custom paper shopping bags for your business.

Paper Shopping Bags
Paper Shopping Bags

Eco-Friendly Paper Shopping Bags

Custom paper shopping bags are a type of sustainable packaging. They are reusable and recyclable. JML uses FSC-certified papers with high levels of recycled content.

Depending on your preferences for usability, recyclability, and the use of recycled materials, we can tailor the product alternatives available. We can assist you in finding the ideal bespoke bags to suit your demands.

Great Way To Brand Your Business

Retailers, malls, clothing stores, jewelry stores, and a variety of other business kinds can utilize custom-printed paper shopping bags for the following purposes:

  • Promote a positive brand image
  • Expand your marketing audience
  • An excellent approach to leaving a lasting image of your brand
  • Make your brand stand out from the competition
Paper Shopping Bags

JML – Trusted Paper Shopping Bags Supplier

Paper Shopping Bags
Paper Shopping Bags

We supply a wide range of paper shopping bags widely used for retail stores, clothing and jewelry stores, etc. These are available in small, medium, and large sizes.  You can have them in different shapes and features. Our team is expert in custom printing the logo of your brand, message, or artwork on the bags.

JML is a professional paper shopping bag manufacturer. We supply high-quality, and cost-effective shopping bags to worldwide clients. Our products satisfy clients, thanks to their reusability, durability, and sustainability. JML guarantees each shopping bag meets international packaging standards such as ISO, EU, FSC, etc. Let JML skyrocket your brand. Message us today!

Paper Shopping Bags
Benefits Of Using Paper Shopping Bags

All shopping paper bags we produced have benefits that can wow your customers.

  • Thicker and stronger
  • Strikingly cleaner and finished look
  • Wide range of color choices
  • Reducing toxic waste
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Reasonable prices
Paper Shopping Bags
Different Printing Method

JML can customize  shopping bags through different printing techniques including:

  • Litho printing
  • Foil Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Digital printing
  • Offset Printing, etc.

JML - Your Custom Paper Shopping Bags Provider

Full Customization
Full Customization

You can trust JML for custom paper shopping bag production. Choose the following according to your specifications.

  • sizes, colors
  • materials
  • logo and prints
  • coating and printing techniques
Portable Handle Options
Portable Handle Options

You can choose from a wide range of portable rope options for your shopping bags. We offer:

  • polyester rope
  • ribbon rope
  • pure cotton rope
  • flat rope
Offers Different Coating Options
Offers Different Coating Options

We designed custom shopping paper bags with a wide range of coating options such as:

  • hot stamping gold process
  • embossing process
  • bright film process
  • sub-film process, etc.
Wide Range of Uses
Wide Range of Uses

If you have specific shopping bag applications, you can tell us and we will design the right product for your projects.

  • Retail stores
  • promotion gift
  • shopping and packaging, etc.
Paper Shopping Bags Manufacturer
JML- 12+ Years Manufacturing Experience

Producing custom paper shopping bags make easy with JML. We are supported by a professional team, adopts sophisticated manufacturing techniques and machines, allowing us to provide a one-stop bag solution. Efficient production, free samples,quick delivery, and low MOQ to support your small or large business. Grab the opportunity today!

  • “I highly recommend JML as your next paper shopping bags manufacturer and supplier in China. They have superb customization and technical services. Crisp and ready-to-use products at a cost-effective rate.”

  • “We are cooperating with JML for more than 5 years. My business has consistently grown through JML’s help. We received fully customizable paper bag designs with our brand logos. We found our favorite, all thanks to JML.”

  • “Paper shopping bags from JML have excellent quality and appearance. High-quality printing, flawless coatings, and durability. Thank you, JML ”

What Makes Kraft Paper Best For Shopping Bags?

Kraft paper shopping bags are the answer to consumers’ search for an eco-friendly approach to shopping.

As well, they are ideal for businesses that want to act on environmental conservation in a proactive manner, without sacrificing quality or service.

Which Paper Shopping Bag Is Good For Your Business?

It depends on the product and the purpose of the package. If you run a grocery store, heavy-duty paper grocery bags are a better choice. For fast food, paper lunch bags or shopping bags with handles or strings are more effective.

Ideally, paper bags for your business should not only look good, but also present and protect your product effectively.

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