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Your Trusted Provider of Paper Box Packaging

JML will give you the most cost-effective, versatile, and quality paper box for various packaging options.

We have been using the highly programmable and innovative machine that makes the new paper packaging solution.

  • Hassle-Free Logistics
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Strong Productivity
  • More than 2000 Global Case

Paper Box Packaging

Paper packaging boxes whether coated or uncoated, are still very versatile for packaging. The paper box for packaging had been the transportation partner of various goods for some decades pass. These paper boxes had been useful storage for some items.

Here at JML, our aim is to give the possible best solution of custom paper packaging boxes for different applications to our clients. From simple packaging paper boxes to special packaging uses, our dedicated team had been working much harder to catch up with the best solution for every individual requirement.

Paper Mache Boxes

A paper box that comes with different shapes such as round, rectangular, or square. Can be a party favor boxes or DIY wedding centerpice. We offer a variety of sizes of these paper mache boxes with customization options.

Chocolate Packaging Box

The chocolate paper packaging boxes are made of paper or thin cardboard. It is a common type of paper box for chocolate packaging and available on full customization options according to the application of customers’ desires.

White Paper Tab Lock Mailer Box

With this type of box, you can pack, store, and ship your items and mail with sturdy boxes. The box that is made of paper or cardboard. Featured with roll bottom and extra tab lock for die-cut construction and security.

Small Paper Gift Box
Small Paper Gift Box

The small box made with paper that is usually used as a kraft paper gift bag, and a party gift box. These small paper box prices are also suitable for weddings, kids’ parties, and anniversary gift packaging.

Reverse Tuck Ends Chipboard Boxes
Reverse Tuck Ends Chipboard Boxes

The reverse tuck ends boxes have features of self-locking and don’t require any glue or tape to set up and use. These boxes are usually used as the inner carton that is covered with the outer carton for shipping.

Wardrobe Paper Boxes
Wardrobe Paper Boxes

With wardrobe boxes, you can simplify your moving process and closet organization. They are designed to be used for expert movers which looks like a normal box and provides easy access when folding shirts, shorts, and any apparel.

Why JML Paper Box Packaging


JML has the capacity to meet all packaging needs for local businesses and even for e-commerce global enterprises. We accept full customization.


We can surely sustain our paper box packaging supply and stock as all of our packaging solutions are natural, renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Lower Damage Rate
Lower Damage Rate

JML paper boxes are effective like foam and can provide strong packaging protection and a lower rate of damage compared to plastic packaging.


Made with cheap type of materials (paper) but does not sacrifice the comfort and protection of every good and item that needs to be packed.

Our Service Capability

JML provides excellent paper box packaging with the following service capabilities:

  • Reasonable price for every customer’s needs
  • Provide 1 week for samples (pre-production)
  • Conduct all inspections for stable quality assurance
  • On-time delivery
  • Well-trained workers with a minimum of 3 years of experience
  • Excellent service level
Our Service Capability
Custom Paper Boxes for Packaging

Custom Paper Boxes for Packaging

By choosing JML to provide your customized paper boxes for packaging, you can proudly promote your line of business with the statement of custom print on your packaging boxes. You can choose from your own option for:

  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Design
  • Thickness

According to the application you are preferring.

Our Certification

JML is one of the growing companies when it comes to producing various paper boxes solution. For our dedication and excellency towards our work, we receive the following certificates:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO4001
  • SGS Certification
  • GFA Certification
  • Quality Management System Certificate


Our Certification

Your Trusted Supplier of Paper Box Packaging

Your Trusted Supplier of Paper Box Packaging
Company Advantage

JML provides outstanding paper box packaging that will turn your brand into a complete package with instant quoting, full customization, and fast turnarounds. We use sustainable materials to produce perfect-picture designs and impeccable print quality packaging for your brand. JML is also proud to become rooted in high-quality products, superior service, competitive pricing, and innovative ways of business making.

JML Paper Box Packaging

Auto-Lock Bottom Paper Box Design
Auto-Lock Bottom Paper Box Design

JML paper box with an auto-lock bottom design is an ideal solution to save more time in the packaging process. We pre-glued the auto bottom of the empty box before we send it to our customers.

The custom auto-lock bottom paper boxes come with two options of material. It can be made either from thin paperboard or corrugate material. In some situations, small paper or cardboard is most commonly used as it’s easier to fold up and also elegant.

Tuck-End Paper Box Design
Tuck-End and Reverse Tuck-End Paper Box Design

The tuck-end paper box is a design of packaging that can be manifold into a straight tuck-end box (STE) and reverse tuck-end box (RTE). The reverse tuck-end box or RTE offers more savings for printing costs. The piece of paper equals some pieces of a single reverse tuck-end box. They are usually used for:

  • Fragrance Packaging Box
  • Perfume Packaging Box
  • Eyewear Packaging Box


JML Paper Box Packaging Application

Paper Box Packaging Jewelries
Paper Box Packaging Jewelries

JML produces this paper box for packaging different jewelries such as:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklace
  • Earings
  • Watches
  • Rings
Paper Box Packaging for Personal Care
Paper Box Packaging for Personal Care

We manufactured paper boxes that were intended to use for packaging personal care such as:

  • Premium perfumes/aftershaves
  • Herbal medicine and prescription
  • Hygiene/personal care products
  • Makeup, haircare, and skincare products
  • Gift sets and toiletries
Paper Box Packaging for Electronics & Technology
Paper Box Packaging for Electronics & Technology

Attractive packaging for every electronics and gadget is very important to attract customers. The sturdiness of the packaging is also important to ensure strong protection. Here are some common lists of electronics & technology that are ideal for paper box packaging.

  • E-readers, Mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Cleaning and cooking gadgets (Home kitchen goods)
  • Home office goods such as laptops and printers
  • Fitness, exercise, and sports monitoring gadget
  • Entertainment products such as TVs, Blu-ray players, and game consoles
JML – Your Paper Box Packaging Provider
JML – Your Paper Box Packaging Provider

You must protect your valuable products with our boldly-design and damage-resistant custom paper packaging boxes. Building the perfect and right box for your specific items means dedication for us to provide the proper and ideal packaging that fits your needs. Get now your expertly crafted solutions for packaging with JML.

  • By using JML paper boxes for packaging, we become environmentally friendly and we get more remarkable cost savings. The paper packaging boxes of JML also help us to save manpower and time.

  • In able to keep the rapid growth of our industries, we need a flexible system that will provide protection assurance during the shipping of our products. We are happy that JML helps us on achieving those goals.

  • The JML paper packaging boxes help us to secure our bottled products. And so far, when we used the box product of JML, we didn’t experience any problems or issues.

Why Is Corrugated Board A Popular Paper Box Packaging?

Well, this is due to its strength and durability.

Remember, most corrugated boards are made from 2 layers of Kraft paper forming the outer layer. Of course, the inner fluting paper is also made from Kraft paper.

With this structure, it forms one of the strongest paper box packaging.

What Are The Types Of Paper Box Packaging?

There are many types of paper box packaging depending on the design of material.  You can choose corrugated boxes, paperboard cartons or boxboard.

Additionally, you may also consider folding cartons or rigid boxes.

Paper rigid boxes are popular for their sturdier construction. They neither fold nor collapse. Normally, we use them to package high end products.

How Do You Choose Paper Box Packaging?

When choosing paper box packaging, consider the following:

  • Type of material – it should be a high grade material which meet stipulated safety standards
  • Design of the paper box
  • Size – consider dimensions of the box
  • Finishing
  • Specific use if any
  • Possible sealing mechanism
  • Strong and durable paper box
  • Ease of opening and closing
How Does Paper Box Packaging Compare To Paper Packaging Tray?

In most cases, paper box packaging has all the four sides closed.

However in paper tray, the top section is usually open. It implies, paper trays have sides and open top

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