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Prototyping and Samples – JML

We can help you visualize your designs and improve packaging results by providing samples or prototypes.

Prototypes and Samples for All Your Needs

Here at JML, we offer prototypes and samples so you can know what your design will look like. These also help in the effectiveness of your packaging. We are providing crafted solutions to guarantee the best packaging results.

Interactive 3D Samples

These are commonly used for artwork layout testing, simulations, and marketing.

Plain Sample

Plain samples are ideal for material evaluation, sizing, and testing box structures.

Digital Samples

Our digitally cut and printed samples are widely used for testing layout and artwork.

Production Sample

It can be used so you can evaluate the packaging before starting mass production.

Material Applications

JML offers a variety of material options depending on your product. Therefore, we can help in solving issues that will occur pre-emptively or during the handling and shipping process. JML provides expert material recommendations to ensure:

  • Food-safe
  • Medical-safe
  • Weight testing
  • Impact resistance
Material Applications
Validation of Packaging Size and Structure

Validation of Packaging Size and Structure

The fitting and outcome of your product will vary depending on the size and structure of the packaging. Thus JML  offers support so you can choose the best-suited packaging structure for your products. Our structural engineers will make sure that all your products will perfectly fit in the box packaging. Customized solutions are also available to support your requirements.

Color Matching and Stringent Proofing

Complex designs make it hard to choose the most accurate color and precise artwork. Therefore, JML is integrated with stringent proofing services to minimize the chances of design mistakes during production. Together with our samples and prototype, rest assured that you can get the perfect paper box packaging for your products.

Color Matching and Stringent Proofing
Boost Your Business with JML Paper Box Packaging
Prototype and Full Sample Package

JML can waive your prototype and sample costs if you order a full production on us. However, certain conditions may apply.

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