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Packaging Design

JML has full capabilities in providing aesthetically pleasing artwork designs for your paper box packaging. As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to helping your brand stand out in the market. Thus, you can assure that we provide superior paper box packaging experiences.

Creative Packaging Solution to Create Lasting Impression from Customers

Customer’s first impression is very essential especially for your product packaging. Therefore, JML support team will provide professionally made packaging artworks. We are committed to creating long-lasting customer retention to your business.

Industry Solution
Industry Solution

We provide specific solutions for your industry to help you make an informed decision.

Brand Effectiveness
Brand Effectiveness

JML manufactures paper box packaging with professional designs for your brand.

Impressive Experience
Impressive Experience

Our paper box packaging is designed with customized solution to meet customer’s requirements.

Visual Designs
Visual Designs

JML has professional artwork designers to customize your paper box packaging.

Crafted Artwork that are Strategically Designed

  • Customized designs to suit your applications
  • Excellent artwork that will stand out your brand
  • Helping to improve your brand image
  • Increasing your brand identity
  • Artwork designs that can convey your brand message to customers very well
  • Expertly crafted designs so customers are convinced to purchase
  • Effective and vibrant colors that can convey feelings
Crafted Artwork that are Strategically Designed
Visual Validation and Artwork Prototyping

Visual Validation and Artwork Prototyping

  • Accurate digital representation
  • Provides 3D mock ups
  • Safe costs
  • Printed paper packaging samples
  • Unlimited and cost-effective design experimentation

Customer-Focused Designs

  • We provide designs according to your specifications
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Designs that can tell your brand story
  • Provides customers with lasting impression
  • Professionally designed artwork
  • Provides clear information about your product
Customer-Focused Designs
Boost Your Business with JML Paper Box Packaging
Boost Your Business with JML Paper Box Packaging

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Our Projects

  • Magnetic Perfume Bottle Packaging Boxes
    Perfume Boxes Packaging
  • Double-Sided Mailer Boxes
    Mailer Boxes
  • The Rigid Boxes functions
    Rigid Boxes
  • Lip Balm Counter Display Boxes
    Display Boxes
  • Luxury Presentations Apparel Paper Gift Boxes
    Apparel Boxes
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