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Lipstick Boxes Packaging Manufacturer

JML provides bulky lipstick box packaging that helps showcase your brand. We have multiple customizations offers to satisfy your needs. That includes box types, printing colors, thicknesses and sizes, finishes, and accessories.

  • Designed with recyclable boxes
  • Affordable wholesale
  • Come with eye-catching styles
  • Helps increase sales

Custom Lipstick Boxes Packaging

The lipstick boxes are the in-demand packaging for every lipstick product. They help showcase your promoting lipsticks from existing ranges and make your branded product different from others. Customized lipstick boxes make the customers suddenly crave and choose your brand constantly. The personalized printed logos advertise the company’s label and business.

JML can manufacture various box packaging, even complex or simple-look lipstick boxes. We own state-of-the-art printer machines, paper materials, and professional customer service, bringing luxurious-look boxes to life. Purchase bulky lipstick box packaging from JML at a competitive price!

Please request a quote, and our professionals will assist you through the easy purchasing process!

Magnetic Lipstick Box Packaging
Magnetic Lipstick Box Packaging

The magnetic lipstick box packaging is made from recyclable paper materials. Their shapes and prints are customizable as per requests. They are ideal for packing more lipstick shades.

Lipstick Display Box Packaging
Lipstick Display Box Packaging

The lipstick display box packaging is available in various colors and patterns. They have drawer-type boxes, making them convenient and easy to open- however customizable.

Lipstick Tube Packaging Boxes
Lipstick Tube Packaging Boxes

The lipstick tube packaging boxes have telescope packaging types. They come with screen printing surface finishes. These packagings accommodate customers’ requested logos.

Lipstick Tuck Top Packaging Box
Lipstick Tuck Top Packaging Box

Lipstick tuck-top packaging boxes have eco-friendly and recyclable packaging features. Aside from lipstick, they are also ideal for packing eyeshadows, mascara, or perfumes.

Luxury Lipstick Packaging Box
Luxury Lipstick Packaging Box

The luxury lipstick packaging boxes are typically made from special paper or corrugated board materials. The approved logos are embossed or stamped into the packaging box.

Fashion Lipstick Packaging Box
Fashion Lipstick Packaging Box

Fashion lipstick packaging boxes are perfect for ideal for gift-giving applications. They are designed with durable paper material, fashionable cover designs, and custom labels.

Custom Lipstick Boxes Packaging Benefits

Safety Packaging
Safety Packaging

Lipsticks require safety packaging as they are made from delicate composition and can be melted. JML provides durable, tear, weight, and pressure-resistant box packaging.

Gives Brand Identity
Gives Brand Identity

Having a lipstick box with customized prints gives brand identification. Designing them with slogans or logos can gain spectators’ attention. They improve visibility and expose your brand.


JML manufactures convenient lipstick boxes made from lightweight and handy cardboards. Boxes with internal lid built-in mirrors make them more convenient and always on the go.


In JML, customized shapes, sizes, colors, and box designs are available. We accommodate required customers’ details and specifications for branding strategies and ease identifying lipstick shades.

Lipstick Boxes Packaging Must-Haves

JML includes customers’ needs when manufacturing lipstick packaging boxes. The following tells some must-haves for sufficient lipstick boxes in business.

  • Quickly visualize the shades: Lipstick shades are the essential factor of the product. You’ll need boxes that make the shades easier to see, typically at the top of the box.
  • Blend the design feature uniformly: It is essential to have perfect blended designs pattern in lipstick boxes, making them achieve a professional and trustworthy appearance.
  • Consider the tactile aspects: The texture aspects also matter. Various surface textures are accessible, such as glossy, matte, and soft-touch coatings for forming an impact.
Lipstick Boxes Packaging
Die Cutting

Lipstick Packaging Production Process

JML performs various processes in manufacturing custom boxes for lipstick products. Consider the following:

  • CTP (Computer-To-Plate) Pre-Press System
  • Digital sample procedure
  • Plate making process
  • Printing process
  • Color correcting
  • Lamination procedure
  • Die-cutting
  • Folding & binding
  • Manual working
  • Packing & shipping

Importance of Lipstick Boxes Packaging in Business

Customized lipstick box packaging has significant benefits for businesses. With approved printed logos and box designs, you can advertise your brands; additionally they:

  • Help attract attention
  • Help create extraordinary brand recognition
  • Effectively shows off your message
  • Help earn and build customers’ loyalty
  • Stand out your offering lipstick products
Lipstick Boxes Packaging

JML - Your Entrusted Lipstick Boxes Packaging Supplier in China

Lipstick Boxes Packaging
Custom Lipstick Box Packaging

JML designs a series of lipstick box packaging that meet your necessities. We customize them with add-ons like magnets, closures, flowers, and more according to requests. A comprehensive range of printing types is also available, including CMYK and Pantone printings. JML also has skilled designers that offer desirable lipstick boxes, such as magnetic, drawer, folding, round tube boxes, etc. Our customers’ requests are always our priority, as we support OEM and ODM services.

Feel free to communicate with our service team right now, right here!

Finishes Option
Lipstick Boxes Packaging Finishes Options

Multiple finish options suits your desired labeling, surface, and logo prints, such as follows:

  • Black gold hot stamping
  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Gold foil hot stamping
  • UV varnish
  • Matt lamination
  • Rough texture
  • Soft-touch lamination
  • Silk screen printed
  • more
Lipstick Boxes Packaging
Lipstick Boxes Custom Accessories

JML provides added accessories to enhance lipstick packaging boxes’ appearance- perfect for business. Choose your preference below.

  • EPE(Expanded Polyethylene) Foam
  • Ribbon
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • PVC window
  • Flocking
  • Card paper
  • EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) rubber-like
  • High foaming
  • Blister inside
  • custom

Various Types of Boxes for Lipstick Packaging

Corrugated Lipstick Box Packaging
Corrugated Lipstick Box Packaging

Lipstick boxes made of corrugated paper protect different lipsticks from extreme temperatures and odors that might be unpleasant. Lipstick containers with a middle layer of insulation and customizable branding are available. They are box packagings that enhance lipstick protection from breakage and expose your trademark.

Kraft Lipstick Box Packaging
Kraft Lipstick Box Packaging

Kraft is a brownish porous substance that is beneficial due to its availability. Ventilation is made possible by the porous surface. It’s simple to devise innovative techniques in marketing the brand and lipstick products of your firm. JML provides handy kraft packaging according to customers’ convenience.

Recyclable Lipstick Box Packaging
Recyclable Lipstick Box Packaging

If you’re an environmentally-conscious producer, these lipstick boxes are what you need. Your business may have personalized lipstick boxes created from cardboard manufactured from biodegradable material. These lipstick packaging boxes are easy to use and adaptable to store even for an extended period.

Lipstick Boxes Packaging Supplier
Bulky Lipstick Boxes Packaging to Showcase Your Brand

JML creates lipstick box packaging of the highest possible quality and has an excellent turnaround time. We do not outsource any of the process’s phases since we handle everything ourselves.  Get the best deals on your personalized lipstick boxes right here! 

  • “Everything about the bespoke lipstick box packaging is perfect. High-quality packaging has led to an increase in sales. Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you, JML.”

  • “We propose JML as a packaging manufacturer for your lipstick boxes. They go out of their way to provide the best possible customer service from start to finish. “We’ll be ordering from them again!”

  • “Our company benefits from high-quality lipstick packaging at a low cost. We like JML’s attention to detail and superior post-purchase support. They’ve well surpassed our hopes.”

Why Choose Custom Printed Lipstick Box?
  • Acts as a product identity
  • Generates brand trust and awareness
  • Perfect communication tool
  • Help you command attention in the market
How Do You Make Your Lipstick Boxes Packaging Unique?

Well, there are many ways to go about this including:

  • Choose suitable color for better visual impact – always try to have contrasting elements
  • A unique logo makes your brand memorable and easy to identify
  • Make it easy for customers to understand your lipstick product – include elements that attract customers, ingredients and other useful information
How Do You Get Instant Quote For Lipstick Boxes Packaging?

It’s easy and straight forward:

  • Choose lipstick box design or style
  • Know lipstick box packaging size
  • Select a suitable material for lipstick box packaging
  • Share artwork with lipstick boxes manufacturer

From here, we will help you get the best lipstick box for your business.

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