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Lashes Box Manufacturer in China

JML supplies a wide range of lovely, fashionable, and famous style lashes boxes with countless attention to detail. Our lashes box can be customized with your logo, design, and other specifications.

  • Numerous styles to choose
  • Accept OEM and ODM services
  • Small MOQ
  • Over 12 Years of Manufacturing Experience

JML Lashes Box

Custom eyelash boxes are designed to keep the lashes safe. They are available in many different styles and are suitable for wrapping lashes set as a gift. Most eyelash boxes are fabricated with paper or cardboard and can be covered in velvet materials for a classy look.

JML offers custom eyelash boxes to customers worldwide with various selections, such as removable inserts, soft satin linings, folding trays, and more. We can also customize them according to your preferences. JML provides lash boxes that can accommodate one pair or multiple sets. If you’re looking for a reliable lash boxes manufacturer in China, JML, with over 12 years of experience, is the best place you can trust.

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Custom Lash Boxes

JML custom lash boxes can guarantee eco-friendly and fully recyclable. This packaging box is great for any event and is available in numerous colors and shapes.

Recyclable Eyelash Boxes

JML recyclable eyelash boxes have a reasonable structure, flat incision, and are smooth. These boxes are suitable for shipment and storage to keep the eyelashes safe.

Promotional Eyelash Box

JML promotional eyelash box is available in unique surface handling such as hot stamping, matte laminate, and glossy. They are used to protect eyelashes from dirt.

False Eyelash Box
False Eyelash Box

The false eyelashes box can guarantee 100% recyclable and durable. These boxes can ensure safety to store false eyelashes.

Luxury Paper Lash Box
Luxury Paper Lash Box

JML luxury paper lash box comes with a clear window design for easy viewing and getting the eyelashes. This box can protect the eyelashes from breaking.

Private Label Eyelash Packaging
Private Label Eyelash Packaging

Our private label eyelash packaging has engaging and beautiful graphics that can use for commercial purposes. They are lightweight and beautiful.

Why Choose JML Lashes Box


The lash box can be used for beauty salons or personal eyelash storage, also packing tiny items like clips, rubber bands, small cosmetics, etc.


We use environmentally-friendly materials to produce packaging boxes for eyelashes. At JML, you can save the earth while promoting your brand.


JML can produce custom-made lashes packaging boxes based on our customer’s requirements. You can specify your desired sizes, colors, and designs.


Our packaging box for eyelashes is made from lightweight materials yet durable. We use standard materials to ensure the packaging box’s quality.

Lashes Box Packaging Design

JML provides eyelash box packaging available in different designs to choose from, such as:

  • Clear Lash Boxes
  • Round Eyelash Packaging Cases
  • Square Eyelash Packaging
  • Rectangular Lash Packaging
  • Lash books
  • Diamond-Shaped Lash Box

If you have your own design for the lash box, please don’t hesitate to cooperate with our team!

Lashes Box Packaging Design
Advantages of Eyelashes Box

Advantages of Eyelashes Box

  • Prevents Bacterial Measure: The lash box is essential in different ways to keep the false eyelashes safe. First, it protects from environmental hazards like pollution and dust. Second, it helps prevent airborne bacterial components.
  • Ensures the Lashes are in Best Condition: The box is functional to maintain the false eyelashes’ quality. It also helps to extend the life of the eyelashes.
  • Organizes Eyelashes: The eyelashes box is helpful for organizing and storing eyelashes. They protect against contamination by means of keeping away dirt and hazardous substances.

Significance of Lashes Box for Your Business

JML can produce custom eyelashes boxes with your custom private label to help you stand out in the market and captivate more clients to your brand. As one of the leading companies in China, we strive to provide you with the best quality lash boxes intended for your company.

Our wholesale private label services for lashes box is designed to exceed our customer’s special requirements and supply the perfect possible sell for your brand. By relying on our high-end lashes box, you can build the presence of your brand in the market and build a quality reputation.

Significance of Lashes Box for Your Business

JML – 12+ Years of Lashes Box Manufacturing Experience

JML – 12+ Years of Lashes Box Manufacturing Experience
Lashes Box

JML lashes box is fabricated using the best quality materials to guarantee goodness and durability. The eyelashes can be stored in our lash boxes confidently without damaging them. JML lashes box is quick to pack and unpack. You can personalize them with various options including silver foiling and gloss lamination. You can also request us to customize your lashes box, – whether kraft paper made, gloss lamination, or silver/gold foiling.

JML is dedicated to supplying the most cost-efficient and effective packaging and printing solutions. We have highly skilled and experienced designers to produce high-end eyelash packaging boxes.

Customize Your Lashes Box with JML
Customize Your Lashes Box with JML

JML can produce custom lashes boxes according to our customer’s requirements:

  • Name and logo: We use the same font style to contribute to your company’s brand authenticity.
  • Theme color scheme
  • Message: Our team can imprint your company’s slogan on the eyelashes box in a creative and unique manner.
  • Contact information/social media accounts: We can make your lashes box with your contact information to help your customers get in touch with you easily.
  • Packaging: JML lashes box packaging is available in a custom color, size, shape, and design.
Making it Easy to Order Lashes Box at JML
Making it Easy to Order Lashes Box at JML

JML provides wholesale lash boxes at affordable prices by utilizing our high-quality offset printing technology. We have the latest manufacturing equipment and packaging experts with professional services:

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Free Designing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Die and Plate Charges

Why JML Lashes Box is Trusted by More Than 1000 Clients

12+ Years of Experience
12+ Years of Experience

With more than 12 years in the packaging industry, JML can supply you with an excellent packaging solution for eyelashes. JML is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of lashes boxes based in China. Moreover, we can offer numerous services to meet your satisfaction and unique business needs.

One-Stop Packaging Solution
One-Stop Packaging Solution

JML can provide high-quality and cost-effective lashes packaging boxes to both small and large companies. Our expert team can give you numerous options according to your needs and preferences.

Additionally, our team is dedicated to supplying easy, updated, and fast services for all of your box needs. JML can ensure that you will remember the experience we provide.

On-Site Designers
On-Site Designers

JML has packaging experts and on-site designers who can produce high-end lashes boxes for you. For more than 12 years in this industry, we have learned how to resolve client packaging and printing issues quickly.

Our staff is always ready to assist our client’s packaging needs at any time with technical advice and competitive rates. JML is committed to providing you with consistently high-quality service.

lashes box supplier
JML – An Expert Team in Eyelash Box Manufacturing

We provide quality packaging and printing services for over 12 years. JML is a famous lashes box manufacturer in China that provides one-stop-shop packaging from manufacturing to layout to shipping.

  • The staff at JML has very special expertise. Their team acquired the art of producing attractive lash boxes using state-of-the-art printing techniques. JML is highly recommended.

  • We partnered with JML for over a year to boom our false eyelashes brand from nothing. They offered us a custom-made box which had given us the opportunity to expand our business.

  • After experiencing various profiles, quality comparisons, and price quotes for custom-made lashes boxes, we chose to justify with JML. I’ve really appreciated for what they’ve made for us in just a little time.

How Many Layers Do Lashes Boxes Have?

It depends on the quality of lashes box design. They may have 1 to 3 layers. These many include outer layer, middle layer and inner layer.

Do Chinese Supplier Offer Hand-made Lashes Box?


You can get lashes boxes made from luxury materials with unmatched finishing.

Even if you want bespoke packaging, China lashes box manufacturers offer perfect solution for you.

Do You Have Lashes Box Design Templates?

We have a number of templates from where you can create an artwork depending on your specifications. You can place your logo, and other vital information.

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