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How Are Rigid Boxes Made?

Rigid boxes (also called set-up boxes ) are elegant gift boxes that securely hold the item and protect it from external damage. They are a very common type of packaging and are often associated with luxury products. They come in various dimensions and styles to suit your item.

The box itself is made from rigid cardboard and is typically four times thicker than an average folding carton. They can be manufactured in any way. Rounded corners or square corners are just a couple of examples. Then wrap it on paper, either plain or deluxe, as you wish. Rigid boxes can be used to package a wide range of products including jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, lashes, wigs, watches, pens, small electronics, etc.

How are the rigid boxes made?

While most of the processes are done by machine or hand, or a combination of both, depending on the specific manufacturer.

Rigid boxes start out as chipboard (grayboard) and cutting mould plates are used to cut the chipboard into the correct shape and size. The box has score on the sides (not all cut to facilitate folding).

rigid box greyboard cut and scored

The sides of the box are folded up at the score lines to complete the box shape, and then the sides of the box are secured with tape. The tape can be secured by hand or by a machine called a “Quad Stayer”.

box sides are folded up

The wrap can be printed with your own personalized message or made special finish( if you desired)to make it completely unique to you. Then die cutting the wrap to perfectly fit the box . The box is then placed onto your wrap, where glue is used to adhere the two together – creating a snug fit!

the wrap glued the outside of box

Wraps are the front cover of your product that helps a customer identify your brand. We provide a large selection of paper, leather or fabric wraps with range of textures, colors and finishes including embossing, foiling stamping, and flocking etc. To learn more about the finishes craft for different types of custom boxes, click here.

rigid box wrapped in printing paper

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