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Your Hang Tag Manufacturer in China

JML provides a comprehensive variety of hang tags, effectively used for branding. We can customize customers’ requested specifications, including prints, paper materials, surfaces, sizes, etc. 

  • Wide range of shapes
  • Come with drilled holes for strings
  • Premium & durable
  • Full-color printing available

JML Custom Hang Tags

The hang tags are labels attached to specific products, such as clothing, bags, shoes, etc. These tags are typically tied with threads and have thicker materials, like cards or heavy papers. They come with die-cut holes hung in the items or displays. Custom tags are common in retail industries where particular products are labeled, priced, or showing market details. 

JML is an experienced hang tags manufacturer that uses high-quality materials, like holographic paper, coated papers, blackboards, etc. We also provide the desired printing arts required by the customers. That includes digital printing, matte vanishing, silk printing, and more. Our design team offers custom hanging tags with punched holes or metal eyelets.

Feel free to negotiate with our service team right now!

Double Printing Hang Tags
Double Printing Hang Tags

The double printing hanging tags are typically attached to garments, shoes, or bag products. They are available in various colors, which include beige and antique silvers, or customized as requested. 

Luxury Swing Hanging Tags
Luxury Swing Hanging Tags

The luxury swing hanging tags are ideal for printed brands of outerwear, jackets, jeans, outerwear, etc. These sustainable hanging tags have a three-piece suit and accommodate customized brand logos.

Garment Accessory Hang Tag
Garment Accessory Hang Tag

Garment accessory hanging tags have glossy or matte surface finishes. They typically come with various strings, like ribbon, hemp, cotton, etc. These tags are formed using die-cut, or ultrasonic cuts.

Hang Thickened Printing Tags
Hang Thickened Printing Tags

Hanging tags with thickened printings come in various shapes to suit different product themes. These tags have durable, anti-fake, scratchproof, heat resistance, and waterproof features. 

Coated Art Paper Hang Tag
Coated Art Paper Hang Tag

The coated art paper hang tags have rectangular shapes yet are customizable. They are available with silver foil stamping, embossed, spot UV, CMYK printing, and hot stamping prints with laminated surfaces.

Recyclable Kraft Paper Hang Tag
Recyclable Kraft Paper Hang Tag

The recyclable kraft paper hang tags are available in different sizes and shapes. They are attachments for various products, like towels, home textiles, stuffed toys, bags, etc.

Customize Your Hanging Tags with JML

Stylish Packaging
Stylish Packaging

JML customizes the hanging tags that enable customers easy to see the products. Adding them to the item packaging makes them look stylish, luxurious, and elegant. And that attracts customers.

Easy to Customize
Easy to Customize

The variety of hang tags is easy and fully customizable. Their full-color prints, paper materials, shapes, and sizes are designed per customers’ requests. Custom accessories and strings are also available.

Design Experience
Design Experience

We offer simple, perfectly blended into the product theme and stylish design of hang tags. With our wide selection of templates, you can experience designing your personalized hanging tags.

Promotes Business
Promotes Business

Using hanging tags are effective weapon for promoting product displays. The printed details there guide customers to your company website. They also show basic information about your products.

Stand Out Your Brand Using Hang Tags

Whether you promote garments, food, jars, or bottled products, hang bags effectively stand out your brand. It emphasizes brand identity and serves various roles, such as attracting and informing customers. Custom hanging tags are also an easy solution for adding details and pricing with attractive designs. 

JML uses advanced die-cutting printing machines to provide desirable prints with suitable shapes you desire. The forms include rectangles, ovals, folded, and more. We offer foil or metallic hangtags to upgrade the brand and for special occasions. You can also choose five option locations for punched holes. Designing your hangtags will indeed elevate your brand identity. 

Hang Tag Stands Out
Hang Tag Services

Why Choose JML

JML provides numerous satisfying services to provide your needs. We have the following:

  • Low Minimum: We accept low MOQ and large quantity orders. The greater quantity, the cheaper its price will be. 
  • Excellent Customer Service: JML has a 24/7 open line and a short lead time for bulky orders and sampling. Our customer service helps you to place orders and provides instant responses to inquiries.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee: We have more than 12 years of experience manufacturing custom hang tags. That guarantees well-manufactured hanging tags and other related products for the branding business.
  • One-Stop Solution: JML provides various hang tags and related products that suit specific applications. We assist customers from the start to the end of the process.

Custom Hang Tags Attractive Coating Options

Showcase your company details and brand logos using our three offered attractive coatings. Below defines them.

  • Gloss: This hanging tag coating stands out from its vibrant shine. It provides mirror-like finishing that shows off product durability.
  • Matte: Matte coatings give hang tags luxurious and elegant looks. Its understated appearance makes them suitable for neutral, muted, and lengthier colors.
  • UV High Gloss: This coating has shinier effects than gloss, enhancing the depths of each design element. They come with chemical and abrasion resistance to improve durability.
Hang Tag Coatings

JML - Your Trusted Hang Tag Supplier in China

Hang Tag
Hang Tag

JML customizes the hang tags according to customers’ demands and requirements. We have vigorous productivity of different hang or swing tag types, assuring your constant business supplies. Our skilled workers handle every production process, including digital printing, die-cutting, folding, binding, etc. Your requested logo prints are provided to showcase your products and brand awareness. Most industries effectively used personalized hanging tags as a business marketing strategy. JML designs them with labels to display prices, product instructions, or the company’s story.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with our design team right away!

Hang Tag Materials
Main Material Used for Hang Tags

JML manufactures various hang and swing tags using quality materials, such as follows:

  • Kraft paper
  • Black cardboard
  • Special paper
  • White cardboard
  • Tracing paper
  • Matt or dull paper
  • Uncoated paper
  • Single/Double-side coated paper
  • more
Hang Tag
Hang Tags Production Processes

JML performs various machining processes in manufacturing hanging tags. That includes the following: 

  • Full sheet offset press
  • Offset press
  • Auto die cutting process
  • Film laminating process
  • Gliding machine procedure
  • Die-cutting process
  • Digital printing
  • Glazing procedure
  • Packaging & Shipping

Various Application of Custom Hang Tags

Alcohol & Beverages
Alcohol & Beverages

Various alcohol and beverage products suit custom hang tags. That includes wines, beers, and other bottled beverages that require additional information. Using such a branding strategy intrigue customers and remember your beverage brands.

Beauty & Health Products
Beauty & Health Products

Custom hang tags works well with beauty and health products. Bottled shampoo sales can have hanging tag coupons. They are also ideal for skin care products and special awards. Custom tags say something to your customers about your product instructions.

Specialty Foods
Specialty Foods

Hanging tags are also suitable for specialty foods like seasoning, cookies, and sauce. They promote certain information related to offering products. The special recipes show off essential ingredients using hang tags. JML can customize the colors and sizes to suit product packaging sizes.

Home Goods
Home Goods

Home goods like cleaning products can also have hang tags. They are an easy and effective way of adding details without creating labels. JML has expert designers and printing machines, ensuring attractive appeal for product goods.

Hang Tag Supplier
Promote Your Products by Investing in JML Hang Tags

JML can deliver our customers worldwide with quality hang and swing tags made to their requested specifications. Investing in hanging tag JML supplies promotes your products to the highest level. You’ll receive stylish printed hanging tags for your business from JML experts.

  • Big thanks to the JML team! We received well-printed polished-cut edges hanging tags for our clothing business. Our customers recognize our brand and keep on buying our products. That increases our sales.”

  • “Since we use our customized hanging tags from JML, our brand stands out among other beverage brands. It enhances our business popularity and the growth of business suppliers. Thank you, JML!”

  • “We all appreciate the customization details, process, surface finishes, and designs that JML has provided. Our given specifications are well manufactured and suit our product themes. JML workers are the real experts and high recommended manufacturer.”

What Information Do You Include On Hang Tag?

A hang tag can have information such as;

  • Brand
  • Size
  • Price
  • Product information and care instructions
  • Point of contact
  • Brief information about your company
  • Tagline
Where Do You Position Holes On Hang Tags?

For portrait hang tags, you can position the holes at the top center, top right corner, or top left corner.

For landscape hang tags, it can be either at the top left corner of the top right corner.

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