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Folding Paper Boxes Manufacturer

JML folding paper boxes are great for packaging single products like candles, perfume, etc. We supply a wide range of folding paper boxes that can be laminated, printed, and customized to your specifications.

  • Small MOQ
  • 12+ years of manufacturing experience
  • A free sample on request
  • Available in many different styles and designs

JML Folding Paper Boxes

The folding paper boxes are consumer-friendly, cost-effective options to pack numerous products like electronics, cosmetics, and many more. They are a type of box sleeves that are manufactured of single-ply paperboard for retail products. The folding cartons are created using a unique machine that glues, cuts, scores, and creases the box material to develop a unique shape and size.

JML is a leading provider of folding paper boxes that are versatile and match different options of printing and new processes. We can supply numerous customizable folding carton box materials like kraft, paperboard, CCNB, food-grade, and SBS paperboard.

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Recyclable Folding Paper Box

JML offers recyclable folding paper boxes available in many different finishes such as glossy, matt varnish, embossed, silver foil stamping, and more.

Eco-Friendly Folding Drawer Box

Our eco-friendly folding drawer box is multifunction. It serves as a gift box, jewelry box, toy box, paper tube, soap box, display box, and much more.

Kraft Paper Envelope Folding Box

The structure of our kraft paper envelope folding box has stab on both sides of the box with lid and base, bottom lock box, and self-assemble.

Book-Shaped Folding Paper Box
Book-Shaped Folding Paper Box

JML book-shaped folding paper box is manufactured from high-quality materials like a paper board, kraft paper, coated paper, art paper, etc.

Folding Paper Box for Handbag
Folding Paper Box for Handbag

The folding paper box for handbags is flexible, which makes them ideal for packaging electronics, cosmetics, underwear, wig, and more.

Skincare Cosmetic Folding Box
Skincare Cosmetic Folding Box

Our skincare cosmetic folding box is available in numerous surface finish options like embossing, spot UV, foil stamping, and UV printing.

Why Choose JML Folding Paper Boxes

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

Our folding paper boxes come in a variety of almost size and shape imaginable. JML can create custom box designs for your product.


They are made from quietly inexpensive materials like paperboard which makes them cost-effective to produce, handle, and ship.


Since they are made from wood pulp, when the folding cartons have hit the end of their lifecycle as packaging, they can be recycled.

Excellent Finish
Excellent Finish

The custom folding cartons come with numerous finishes and they can be printed with personalized graphics and letterings.

Different Styles of Folding Paper Boxes

JML can accommodate your folding paper box needs, no matter what styles you want. Our popular options include the following:

  • Straight Tuck End
  • Auto Bottom
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • And many more

If you have your own styles of folding paper boxes that suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We have a professional engineering team that can produce custom designs according to your needs.

Different Styles of Folding Paper Boxes
Folding Paper Boxes Materials

Folding Paper Boxes Materials

JML uses four different types of paperboard materials for folding boxes:

  • Unbleached Kraft Paperboard: Sometimes known as Solid Unbleached Sulfate, made from 80% virgin-unbleached wood pulp. It is laminated with a thin layer of titanium dioxide and kaolin clay to enhance smoothness, color, and printing receptivity.
  • Bleached Kraft Paperboard: The highest quality paperboard substrate, mainly utilized in high-end packaging where printed image quality is crucial.
  • Recycled Paperboard: Also called CCNB (Clay-Coated News Back). It has 100% recyclable fiber with 35% post-consumer content.
  • Micro-Flute Corrugate: This material is lightweight but durable, accessible in numerous liner and flute combinations to exceed customers’ requirements.

Wide Scope of Application

JML specializes in manufacturing and providing a folding paper boxes for different applications:

  • Perfume Boxes, CBD Oil Boxes
  • Soap Packaging, Candle Packaging
  • Lipstick Boxes, Skin Serum Boxes
  • Tincture Packaging, Vape Cartridge Packaging
  • Glass bottle packaging
Wide Scope of Application

Our Packaging Design
Our Packaging Design

JML’s services for packaging design involve everything from art adaptation and material exploration to printed prototypes and 3D renderings. We have design engineers and experts who are effectively and seamlessly bring brand and practical together to develop first impressions that count constantly.

Folding Paper Boxes Specifications
Folding Paper Boxes Specifications
  • Production: C1S and C2S
  • Enhancements: Foil Laminated Board
  • Finishing: Coating or Blister Board
  • Complimentary Services: Specialty substrates and plastics

Custom Folding Paper Boxes to Skyrocket Your Business

Boxes with Thumb Tabs
Boxes with Thumb Tabs

The thumb tabs of the box are circular cutouts produced from the primary box panel to make an easy opening.

These thumb tabs feature can be put at the bottom, at the top, or at both box sides depending on our customer’s needs and designs.

Folding Paper Boxes with Custom Cutouts
Folding Paper Boxes with Custom Cutouts

This cutout refers to the element of the box design to show the content inside. The cutout features the following:

  • Suitable for any product and industry
  • Can be formed in any shape
  • Available in free cutout box dies
Paper Boxes with Inserts
Paper Boxes with Inserts
  • Compatible with any box type
  • Functional to arrange a wide range of smaller products in one box
  • Recommended for fragile, lightweight, or medium products
  • Can be customized to match your product’s size and shape
Five-Panel Hanger Box
Five-Panel Hanger Box

The five-panel hanger box comes with a hole to help you display your items on hook panels or display shelves for retail display.

  • Fully customized
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can hold cutouts
Folding Paper Box
JML – Your Leading Folding Paper Boxes Supplier in China

We design and manufacture different styles of custom folding cartons to meet your product needs. From design to shipping, simple structures to complex layout, high-end production to remarkable embellishments, JML is your go-to source for folding paper boxes.

  • JML team is incredible to work with. The quality of the folding box is exceptional. They communicate with us whenever I needed and delivered our products on time.

  • We don’t have much idea about the design and packaging process but with the help of JML company, we created an advanced, technical, and eco-friendly packaging. JML is very helpful and has extra knowledge of what is workable in packaging.

  • We have been working with JML for many years and we’re really glad we found them early. They help me figure out how to produce cost-efficient personalized folding paper boxes for my products. Thank you, JML!

Are Folding Paper Boxes Easy To Assemble?

Yes, it is a simple and straight forward process.

The folding paper boxes will come with instructions including lines and arrows indicating the folding process.

Are Folding Paper Boxes Durable?

Durability will depend on the type of paper material. You can choose from many paper materials such as cartons, single ply paperboard or normal Kraft paper.

Why Buy Folding Paper Boxes From China?

You will benefit from a range of designs, high quality material, flexible MOQ, many printing options, and competitive prices.

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