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Custom Display Boxes Manufacturer in China

JML is a trusted display box manufacturer. We construct a wide range of small and large display boxes made from strong and durable cardboard, virgin paperboard, or corrugated materials. Our boxes showcase your brand in retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, and more. Available in various sizes, designs, styles, and add-ons.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Strong and versatile
  • Convenient to use
  • Available in OEM and ODM designs

JML Custom Display Boxes

Display boxes are also known as paper display stands, display shelves, or corrugated displays. They are used to exhibit a variety of products such as jewelry, books, food and beverages, shampoos, etc. This box can showcase various products in an associated, decent, impressive, and attractive style. It helps with product promotion and engaged more customers.

JML can customize display boxes according to your specific requirements. Even if you require a simple or complex display box, small or large style, with partitions and inserts, JML can support your needs. We offer different types of printing and coatings to create beautifully finished boxes. It has a durable body placed in supermarkets, malls, stores, etc. All display boxes we produced are designed under ISO, EU, FSC certifications, and more. You can guarantee well-crafted boxes here at an economical rate. Message us today!

Retail Counter Display Boxes
Retail Counter Display Boxes

Retail counter displays are ideal for big and small businesses. It increases sales strategically and is more interactive. Custom according to your request.

Lip Balm Counter Display Boxes
Lip Balm Counter Display Boxes

For your lip balm cosmetics display, you can use the highest and most exciting packaging counter display boxes. Full-color prints and coatings.

Jewelry Counter Display Box
Jewelry Counter Display Box

Jewelry Counter Display Box promotes your unique and various jewelry. Catch the viewer’s eye more quickly. Available in custom sizes.

Big Dump Bin Display Box
Big Dump Bin Display Box

Big Dump Bin Display Box is a great storage and display item. Ideal to place in supermarkets and retail stores to attract customers.

Candy Counter Display Boxes
Candy Counter Display Boxes

Candy counter display boxes attract possible customers at a first glimpse. Display colorful and yummy candies to gain profit.

Cannabis Counter Display Boxes
Cannabis Counter Display Boxes

Cannabis Counter Display Boxes offer protection and prevent the breakage of your product. Showcase cannabis products.

JML Display Boxes Advantages

Lower in Cost

JML manufactures cost-effective wholesale design in-house display boxes that benefit your business. It is also lightweight that saves your shipping costs.

Superior Durability
Superior Durability

All display boxes guarantee product display protected, packaged and shielded during transportation. It ensures undamaged storage and shipping any types of products.

Beautiful and Presentable
Beautiful and Presentable

JML offer display boxes with brilliant colors and printing. These are presentable to display almost retail products, books, etc. It can be reused as an enhancing embellishment.


Here at JML, we accommodate custom designs of display boxes. If you have a drawing or sample, you can send it to us. We support specific branding techniques and strategies.

Wide Range of Custom Display Boxes

You can use display boxes to exhibit any kind of goods. With rich manufacturing experience and high-technology production machines, we provide display boxes for:

  • Electronic products, game kits
  • Bottles, and gift boxes
  • Cosmetic products
  • Food and beverage
  • Candy and sweets, etc.
Display Boxes
Display Boxes

Ensure Product Visibility

Making the product visible is crucial for generating sales. Display boxes’ primary purpose is to draw customers’ attention to the merchandise on the retail shelf. Typically, displays are constructed to be kept on counters and the ends of shelves, making it impossible for customers to ignore the things when they enter the business.

Additionally, because they are so stunning, retailers always place them in front of the store to attract customers. Making a product accessible in stores has a number of advantages.

Personalized Display Boxes

We always manufacture the best quality display boxes according to the client’s specifications and demands. You can send your idea or drawings our team will help you create excellent boxes for your business. Whether you need:

  • Custom measurements
  • color and coatings
  • design and styles
  • paper materials
  • printing options
  • custom logo and packaging
Display Boxes

JML - Expert Display Boxes Supplier in China

Display Boxes
Display Boxes

To better present and display any products, many custom manufacturers prefer display boxes so that their goods remain in front of any grocery store. JML offers custom display boxes with upgrade styles to get the attention of potential buyers. Our printing techniques and finishes ensure sophisticated display box outcomes. We customize boxes with inserts and partitions for enhanced product protection and designs. Partitions tightly retain the product and limit their movement such as lip balm, perfume, candles, vaping, etc. We support small or large-volume productions to satisfy your business. No matter what your structure requirements, we are happy to create your idea into reality.

Message us today and experience our excellent service.

Display Boxes
Display Boxes Coatings and Finishing

Several finishes are available enhanced the product surface, labeling, and logo prints of the display box. This includes:

  • Full-size glossy lamination
  • Soft-touch matt lamination
  • Glossy and matte varnishing
  • Spot UV finish
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossing and Debossing, etc.
Display Boxes
Importance of Display Boxes in Business
  • Cost-effective boxes designed to invest
  • Different suitable box designs for multiple products
  • Made from high-quality materials for longevity
  • Provide extra product protection
  • Great for promotion and advertising of the company
  • Help to engage more customers
  • Unique design allows for product prominent
  • Effectively shows off your message

Various Types of Custom Display boxes

Floor Display Box
Floor Display Box

JML produced a beautiful and elegant floor display stand box with layers, each layer with your featured products.

  • Made with 2-7 layers
  • Large size and quality feel
  • Ideal for goods with a wide range to be displayed
Display Boxes with Hanger/Hook
Display Boxes with Hanger/Hook

Display Boxes with Hanger/Hook are used to hang pre-packed products.

  • Display box for stationery
  • Excellent solution for retail packaging
  • Can load more products
Display Box with Dividers
Display Box with Dividers

These are manufactured from triple-layer corrugated fiberboard, heavy-duty boxes. Ideal for:

  • display on sale products
  • Ideal for cosmetic/food products
  • All body printed
Counter Display Box
Counter Display Box

We designed a counter display box with a strong body with a printed head and front.

  • Can be added with foam fabric
  • Eye-catching display stand
  • Small and smart
  • Suitable for retail sales.
Display Boxes Supplier
Leading Manufacturer of Display Boxes in China

Producing Display Boxes Made Easy with You Together With JML. 12+ Years of Rich Manufacturing Experience. One-Stop Solution, Mass Production, and Stringent Quality Control. Please Let Our Team Know Your Idea. Message us now!

  • JML designs sophisticated and modern display boxes. These boxes surely engaged in business and reflect the best image of any product. Cost-effective and durable. Thank you, JML!.”

  • We are so happy choosing JML as our custom display boxes manufacturer in China. They offer a wide range of display boxes in high-quality printing techniques, materials and colors. Amazing display boxes that are built to last.

  • Thank you, JML for a reliable wholesale display box. Effective ways to market our brand in front of the customers. They are sturdy and versatile, with elegant coatings and finishings. We appreciate working with this company for many years.

Are Paper Display Boxes Durable?


As long as you handle the display boxes properly, they can serve you for years. Remember, liquid or excess moisture will damage the display boxes.

How Do You Custom Display Boxes?

It will depend on your unique specifications and requirements.

You can choose a range of materials such as cardboard, paperboard or corrugated paper. Also, there are a range of designs, sizes, and surface finish to choose from.

How Does Paper Display Box Compare To Acrylic Display Box?

The main differences are on:

Cost; paper display box is affordable compared to acrylic display box

Durability; acrylic display box is more durable than paper display box

All the other features you can modify depending on

The remaining feature you can modify depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

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