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Custom Custom Subscription Boxes Manufacturer in China

JML has a professional manufacturer of custom subscription boxes. From design, development, and production to delivery. In addition to producing unique subscription boxes, we also make a variety of strong boxes that you may customize with your brand. As soon as your brand shows up at your customer’s door, it will stand out and make a definitive statement.

  • Strict quality control
  • Accept OEM & ODM
  • Design expertise
  • Strong productivity

JML Custom Subscription Boxes

The custom subscription box is an exclusive type of box usually used for promoting any sort of business product. These boxes may be crafted out of different shapes, measurements, color schemes, themes, and designs that best suit certain usage. It is made from lightweight eco-materials and meticulously processes that guarantee extreme strength, sturdiness, compactness, and endurance. 

Our custom subscription boxes are suited for small-sized and large-sized businesses. JML is the perfect place if you are looking for professional and uniquely designed custom subscription boxes. Here, we can deliver your dream custom subscription boxes at a very affordable cost that entirely altered your demand!

Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes
Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes

Choose the exact interior dimensions for your products. Arts and crafts subscription boxes standout packages are built for long-distance deliveries. The main quality requirements are flexibility and strength, and high burst resistance.

Coffee Subscription Boxes
Coffee Subscription Boxes

All kinds of coffee subscription boxes have available in different sizes, small, medium, or big size. Also printed in different colors. JML can meet industry requirements. It has high tensile strength, including single gloss, double gloss, stripes, and no grains.

Educational Subscription Boxes
Educational Subscription Boxes

Educational subscription boxes gives the extra strength and power to hold the items in their perfect shape. If we have the opportunity to serve you, we will try our best to provide the best quality and service.

Food Subscription Boxes
Food Subscription Boxes

Food subscription boxes with alluring and stylish works of art printed on them increase product sales to a great deal. Consequently, it impacts positively on the profit margins of the company as well. 

Custom Subscription PR Boxes
Custom Subscription PR Boxes

All bespoke PR boxes are constructed from hefty, durable corrugated cardboard. That the material shields are goods from outside damage. If we have the opportunity to serve you, we will try our best to provide the best quality and service. 

Self-Care Subscription Boxes
Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Self-care subscription boxes can withstand greater tension and pressure without breaking.  Have different eye-catching features in these works of art that draw customers’ attention towards them quickly. 

JML Custom Subscription Boxes Advantages

Environmentally Friendly

The custom subscription boxes are a practical solution for product promotions. It is made from 100% environmentally friendly materials which are safe and usable for the long term.

Completely Customizable

JML offered custom subscription boxes with lots of customization options. Every single product can be customized corresponding to the needs of local and global businesses.

Fully Innovated
Fully Innovated

By utilizing the most advanced technology, along with our manufacturing expertise, we can create quality-appreciated and sophisticated packaging boxes. 

Quality Ensured
Strict Processing

All JML packaging boxes are manufactured by following strict processing control and inspection in ensuring their quality stability and endurance. 

Highly Recommended for Exclusive Product Promotion

JML introduces custom subscription boxes for brand image development and reputation. It is created with certain designs for product promotion purposes. The matchless workmanship of our custom subscription box is capable of attracting customers’ attention in an instant.

Besides, using JML custom subscription boxes will turn any bunch of products to be on the highest level of popularity. Its distinct designs and styles are stand-out in any marketplace and uplift the worth of the products and brands. 

Highly Recommended for Exclusive Product Promotion
Best Printing Methods Used for Custom Subscription Boxes

Best Printing Methods Used for Custom Subscription Boxes

Here at JML, we mostly utilize the following printing methods for our custom subscription boxes: 

  • Digital Printing. This method is done by applying the given colors and design directly to the box.
  • Lithographic Label Printing. In this case, the design is printed on the paper sheet, processed, cut, and attached to the box through adhesive. This method is capable of giving higher resolution and cleaner printing to the boxes. 
  • Flexographic Printing. It is among the most common and useful printing methods for any custom box printing. It is processed when the ink is applied to various pad surfaces. 

Enticing Adds-On to Apply

JML provides high-premium custom subscription boxes with amazing adds-on and customization choices. Our custom subscription boxes come in beyond ordinary designs, styles, patterns, thickness, printings, and coatings. Each box comes in precise sizes which keep a variety of products be at safe and comfortable state. 

However, we offer our exclusive adds-on which include the brand name and logos of the products. The added features and customization of our product give the possibility to be attracted and appreciated by each customer. 

Enticing Adds-On to Apply

Why Choose JML for Your Custom Subscription Boxes

Why Choose JML for Your Custom Subscription Boxes
Why Choose JML for Your Custom Subscription Boxes

JML produces custom subscription boxes with full-quality assurance. Since our establishment, we have been in-charge in manufacturing custom subscription boxes used for large-scale promotions and advertisements. We manufacture products that correspond to the needs and requests of the customers. JML comprises professional designers who earned decades of experience in this industry. With our expertise, we can create extraordinary designs for every custom subscription box beyond the expectations of our customers.

Our professionalism and services leave a remarkable impression on our customers which makes us valued, respected, and stand out compared to our competitors. JML is available 24/7 to listen to and understand any of your queries about the products. We aim to give the perfect creation of a custom subscription in fulfilling your desire. Place your orders now at JML and avail our exciting offers!

Custom Subscription Boxes Features
Custom Subscription Boxes Features

The good quality of the products can be described based on their features. JML design and manufacture custom subscription box with explicit features which is incomparable to other products:

  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Highly economical
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Good-quality consistency
  • Available in different coating and custom printing options
  • Easy labeling
  • Suitable for all sorts of product promotions
  • Perfect for small-sized and large-sized business
Building Materials for Custom Subscription Boxes
Building Materials for Custom Subscription Boxes

In constructing custom subscription boxes, we casually use the:

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

These materials are very cost-effective and ultimately available all over the world. It is strong and durable enough — convenient and easy to be processed as well. This can be molded into diverse shapes and sizes which gives the most original and mesmerizing appearance extraordinarily captivating and striking to customers.

JML Sourcing Products For Your Custom Subscription Boxes Business

Custom Subscription Boxes Printing Solution
Custom Subscription Boxes Printing Solution

JML will support the design of the new unique subscription box packaging and customized logo for the different types of boxes. Impress your customers not just with high-quality products, but with professionally printed custom subscription boxes from JML. Customize in the exact size you want.

Custom Subscription Boxes Printing solution
Quality Control

JML ensures that the product is no quality issues. Our sourcing agent would source the products for your custom subscription boxes theme and also recommend the popular products for the custom subscription boxes business.

Production Lead Time
Production Lead Time

JML follows up with the custom subscription box suppliers about the production status of each order to ensure the production lead time. We support customers to finalize the final packaging of the custom subscription boxes products before shipping. 

JML - Your Professional Custom Subscription Boxes Supplier in China
JML - Your Professional Custom Subscription Boxes Supplier in China

Using our production technologies, JML Organization provides the appropriate packaging options for customized subscription boxes that are advantageous to your business. Our area of expertise is custom wholesale orders. Submit your question at this time.

  • It is a great privilege to have JML as my no.1 source for my custom subscription boxes. They never disappoint to amaze me with their products and services. All the staff is highly accommodating and friendly as well.”

  • “JML is the most trustworthy and reliable manufacturer that everyone looking for. After I started purchasing their products, it opens us the opportunity to expand our business more. A big salute for them!”

  • “I only believe in JML supremacy! They are indeed the best manufacturer that ever existed. The qualities of their custom subscription boxes went far beyond my expectations. It is immensely helpful in promoting my products easier.”

Is Custom Subscription Boxes Same As Mailer Box?

Well, they are virtually the same.

What Should You Look For In Custom Subscription Boxes?

You should consider material type, graphical elements, size, evaluate branding and feel of the packaging.

Why Import Custom Subscription Boxes From China?

There is flexible MOQ, a range of designs available, competitive prices, fast turnaround, support during design process, high quality materials and unique designs.

How Do You Determine The Right Size Of Custom Subscription Boxes?

Some of the most common sizes are 8″ x 8″ x 4″, 9″ x 6″ x 3″ and 10″ x 6″ x 4″.

With these dimensions, you can easily determine the cubic volume of the subscription box. Consequently, you will know the maximum space available for your products.

The best part, custom subscription boxes are available in many sizes depending on your unique requirements.

How Will You Make My Subscription Boxes Design Successful?

First, you should understand your market. Second, design each detail such that is exhibits complete experience.

Are Subscription Boxes Easy To Assemble?


The scored lines will show you where to fold. You don’t need any adhesive or glue to assemble the boxes.

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