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Your Reliable CBD Packaging Box Manufacturer

JML provides CBD packaging boxes with your design and custom label to support your branding. These boxes are eco-friendly and are available in various sizes to match your needs.

  • Complete Customization
  • Accept OEM & ODM
  • Excellent After-Sales Service
  • Strict Quality Control

CBD Packaging Box

CBD packaging boxes are designed for the security and safe transportation of CBD products. They are also helpful to improve your products’ shelf life. CBD boxes are usually made from high-quality materials like cardstock, cardboard, and eco-friendly kraft paper. It also comes with different and customize printing options.

You will find quality custom CBD packaging boxes for any of your CBD products at JML. We produce boxes in different sizes and shapes. Whether you need CBD hemp oil boxes, tincture boxes, vape cartridge boxes, e-liquid boxes, and other CBD products, we will produce them for you.

CBD Bath Bomb Packaging Boxes

Perfect solutions to present and preserve the CBD bath bombs. Through our durable materials in the manufacturing process, our CBD boxes can your CBD products.

CBD Cream Packaging Boxes

CBD cream boxes are the best solution for cannabis-made creams. Comes with durable and sturdy materials such as kraft, thick cardboard, and corrugated paper.

CBD Massage Oil Packaging Box

These CBD massage oil boxes are ideal solutions for packaging essential and sensitive nature massage oil. Available in customized in any design, form, and shape.

CBD Vape Juice Box
CBD Vape Juice Box

JML utilizes the manufacturing of CBD vape juice packaging. This is due to extensive usage of CBD-made juices for vaping and becomes very demand in markets.

CBD Vape Kits Box
CBD Vape Kits Box

The CBD vape kit box provides the most elegant and premium presentations for vape kits. One of the most substantial packaging solutions due to its distinctive specifications.

CBD Cannabis Gummies Packaging Box
Cannabis Gummies Box

Cannabis gummies are used for medical purposes. Its severe nature needs preservation & perfect storage, that’s why CBD packaging boxes for cannabis gummies are required.

Why CBD Packaging Box from JML


Using JML CBD boxes provides natural, eco-friendly, and long-lasting protection & shelf life to different cannabis products.


You can create and order your ideal custom design, sizes, and shape depending on your cannabis products.

Quality Products
Quality Products

We used thick and quality materials for CBD packaging. With JML, you can expect quality packaging for your cannabis product.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

No reselling, outsourcing and added cost with JML. We allow you on buying your CBD packaging for low and negotiable prices.

Custom CBD Boxes

JML offers customized CBD packaging boxes for a wide range of cannabis products such as CBD lotion, tinctures, and cannabidiol oil. We are willing to cater to your custom CBD packaging with the most durable, top-notch, and affordable features.

Our custom CBD boxes are long-lasting, leak-proof, and environmentally friendly, which makes them ideal for medical purposes. JML provides customized packaging boxes for CBD according to your logo, design, label, and other specifications.

Custom CBD Boxes
Types of CBD Packaging Boxes

Types of CBD Packaging Boxes

We have been decades on the market for providing CBD packaging solutions such as:

  • CBD tincture boxes
  • CBD cosmetics boxes
  • CBD cartridge boxes
  • CBD oils boxes
  • CBD beard oil boxes
  • CBD vape boxes
  • CBD bath bomb boxes
  • CBD extract boxes
  • CBD gummies boxes

CBD Packaging Add-ons and Extras

JML is helping you to advertise your brand with our printing and out-of-box solutions. You can also get CBD packaging boxes with extras and premium features. The following are our add-ons for CBD packaging:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Cut-outs
  • Gloss/matte lamination
  • Gold foiling
CBD Packaging Add-ons and Extras

Your Reliable & Trusted Supplier of CBD Packaging Box

Your Reliable & Trusted Supplier of CBD Packaging Box1
Your Reliable & Trusted Supplier of CBD Packaging Box

JML is your trusted CBD packaging provider that offers fully customized boxes for CBD products. Our packaging composes of eco-friendly materials to meet the standard protection of various CBD products. At JML, you will experience our fast delivery and hassle-free logistic.

CBD Packaging Box Thickness
CBD Packaging Box Thickness

There are different levels of thickness for the materials of CBD packaging boxes. You can order your CBD packaging with the following thickness:

  • 2pt
  • 18pt
  • 2pt
  • Custom Thickness
Benefits of CBD packaging Box from JML
Benefits of CBD packaging Box from JML

If you make your order from JML, we can offer you some benefits including:

  • Best prices
  • Low MOQ
  • Label printing (optional)
  • Free samples
  • Free proofing
  • Free CAD template

Why JML CBD Packaging Box is Trusted By 1000+ Clients

Excellent Offers of CBD Packaging
Excellent Offers of CBD Packaging

We design our cannabidiol packaging solutions to protect the classy appearance and content of your products. With JML, you can get your own trendy and stylish CBC packaging boxes.

  • Classy Branding with Custom CBD Packaging – making your products distinctive compared to other brands.
  • Instant Assistance with Design – we can facilitate you ideally and we will assist you you’re your design through our service provider.
  • Fast Shipping – delivering your order safely with very reasonable charges.
Unique CBD Boxes Styles
Unique CBD Boxes Styles

CBD boxes come in different styles such as:

  • Boxes with windows – some CBD boxes have windows, which enhance the elegance of your products inside the CBD boxes.
  • Boxes with inserts – placing inserts in CBD boxes, this feature allows you to deposit CBD products in the boxes. Insert comes with different types like cardboard, foam, kraft, or rigid inserts.
  • Special finishing features – comes with two lamination types such as matte and gloss. Gloss is the shining type while matte is without shine.
High-Quality Materials
High-Quality Materials

We are presenting our CBD packaging boxes in a variety of materials. JML uses the following types of materials for manufacturing our CBD boxes including:

  • Kraft – super materials with default brown color. The most affordable material that doesn’t need varnish or lamination after printing on it.
  • Cardboard – perfect for its sublime elegance when presenting CBD products. A white color material that allows printing digital pictures with quality.
JML – Your Trusted CBD Packaging Box Provider
JML – Your Trusted CBD Packaging Box Provider

JML offers a wide range of custom CBD packaging boxes for your CBD products. We are here to provide top-notch CBD boxes for your products and business needs.

  • The customized design and printing we order from JML are very helpful for our CBD oil branding, they create a unique packaging solution for us. Thanks a lot, JML!

  • Thank you so much, JML for the excellent customer service you provide for us through the entire sales process and delivery. We are very satisfied with the CBD packaging box we received. We’re looking forward to working with your company again.

  • I am truly overwhelmed with the CBD boxes’ quality including the outstanding customer service they provide. Good job JML.

  • I ordered my custom CBD oil packaging boxes from JML. I am totally happy with this company and I will order again and again from JML for my upcoming CBD vape boxes.

  • Honestly, I have found a new box company that would provide my CBD boxes continuously, and that is JML. They worked perfectly with my customized order of CBD packaging boxes.

  • Highly recommended manufacturer of CBD boxes. It was my first order from JML, and all went very well. They provide the CBD boxes with very fast delivery for amazing prizes.

Why Is CBD Packaging Box Important For Your Business?
  • The main reason CBD boxes are significant is that they aid in the protection of CBD goods.
  • It also increases the product’s visibility: When a company displays its goods in an alluring manner and popularity also rise.
  • If you want to promote your brand, you should be aware of the significance of CBD packaging.
  • Because of their superior quality, they also help businesses handle delicate products.
Are Custom Rigid Boxes Best For CBD Packaging?

Typically, Utilizing custom rigid packaging is the best approach to safeguard your CBD oil glass bottle. Rigid custom box is strong and gives your glass bottle a protection layer.

Why Choose Custom Printed CBD Packaging Box?
  • Custom printed CBD packaging typically provides a large selection of high-quality options. Typically, they are the boxes that the product requires to suit your business needs.
  • They are made with top-notch technique and equipment in China
  • Typically, we create the boxes in accordance with compliance and safety standards to provide the finest brand for your money.
  • This is one of the suggested boxes because it includes the company logo, name, image and any other information you might require.
Why Buy CBD Packaging Boxes From China?
  • Our CBD packaging boxes are typically made of recycled material and excellent quality.
  • Customers may typically purchase CBD packing boxes from China for reasonable pricing.
  • By providing our customers with the boxes on schedule, we also assist corporate brands.

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