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Leading Bottle Neck Tags Manufacturer in China

JML is a leading supplier and manufacturer of bottle neck tags that is a popular method of advertising and branding. It is the best way to make products standouts all the rows of bottles on the shelf.

  • Made from thick and tough materials
  • Available in wide range of metallic colors
  • Offers long-lasting service
  • Design with a long and slim neck

JML Bottle Neck Tags

Bottle neck tags enable to display of promotional offers, information about business, competitions, discount codes, tasting notes, or recipes for that added touch. It is designed to be ideal for all bottles including premium ciders, classic cask beers, artisan gins, and more. These bottle neck tags are moisture-proof, highly durable, and made from waterproof materials.

We provide one-stop solutions of bottle neck tags that are used for different bottle applications. JML produces bottle neck tags in a wide choice of materials and effects such as standard silk coated cards, frosted, metallic, foiled, and more. We also offer to customize bottle neck tags to meet your specific requirements.

If you want customized bottle neck tags, Message us now!

Liquor Bottle Lock Neck Tags

We manufactured bottle lock neck tags that are available in customized colors, designs, sizes, and shapes. These bottleneck tags can be recycled mostly use for wine.

Wine Bottle Neck Paper Tags

The wine bottle neck paper bags are made from coated papers, kraft papers, texture papers, art papers, and more. It is manufactured using printed technics.

Custom Bottle Neck Tags for Champagne

JML offers custom bottle neck tags for champagne that is made with printing such as UV printing, screen printing, gravure printing, letterpress printing, and more.

Luxury Bottle Neck Tags for Gift
Luxury Bottle Neck Tags for Gift

The luxury bottle neck tags for gifts are available in different colors such as black, white, and yellow, and can be customized. It has an eyelet, string, and pin accessories.

Perfume Bottle Neck Tag
Perfume Bottle Neck Tag

Our perfume bottle neck tags are commonly available in round corners, circles, triangles, stars, etc. It is made using full-color print technique, hot stamping, and more.

High Quality Bottle Neck Tags
High Quality Bottle Neck Tags

We provide high-quality bottle neck tags that can be recyclable and changeable. This is made with surface finishing such as matt varnishing, laminations, etc.

Bottle Neck Tags Advantages


Bottle neck tags are used to stand out bottle products by adding an extra touch with eye-catching features. It is a promotional tool to draw attention to products.

Highly Effective Tools
Highly Effective Tools

We manufactured bottle neck tags that are a highly effective tool for advertising products. It helps to boost sales without having a big budgetary impact.

Excellent Performance
Excellent Performance

Almost all of our bottle neck tags offer quality and excellent performance in different elements like beer, water, wine and etc. It is waterproof and moistureproof.

Affordable Price
Affordable Price

Our bottle neck tags are designed that is highly affordable so that many can buy them for starting a business. We provide different tag styles to fit different colors of bottles.

What is Bottle Neck Tags?

Bottle Neck Tags is an advertising material that is made from different types of cardstock. It is typically used to share a business name, logo, brand, message, and more. Besides business purposes bottle neck tags are also used for personalized gifts to add thank gifts for special occasions like weddings, fiesta, family bonding, date with someone, and another field of occasions.

JML provides bottle neck tags that are mostly used on wines and other types of drinks. Other gift bottle neck tags are even for personal by adding a customize neck tag or hang tag printed with a unique design depending on what you wanted. We offer a free sample of bottle neck tags to satisfy your needs.

What is Bottle Neck Tags
Application of Bottle Neck Tags

Application of Bottle Neck Tags

Our bottle neck tags have a big role to advertise special offers such as:

  • Thank you notes
  • Product benefits
  • Coupon recipes
  • Brand names
  • Logo
  • Discount codes
  • And other special offers

Why Choose Bottle Neck Tags from JML

Bottle neck tags are the best tool to give bottle products an outfit to give a message to customers. It is a perfect alternative tool for traditional adhesive labels. We provide pre-shaped die-cut sizess and customize cuts for a perfect design on bottles. Bottle neck tags can help to enhance a business, especially for bars, and supermarket shelves, by highlighting the bottles, and other fields of industry.

We provide different types of bottle neck tags in colors, design, quality, and sizes. Also, these bottle neck tag can be available in double-sided or single and offers a classy matt finish, colors-popping, luxurious soft-touch, and more. At JML we can help you to provide pre-set designs depending on your specifications.

Why Choose Bottle Neck Tags from JML

JML – Your Number One Supplier of Bottle Neck Tags in China

Your Number One Supplier of Bottle Neck Tags in China
Your Number One Supplier of Bottle Neck Tags in China

JML is a trusted supplier of bottle neck tags the main goal is to give more influence to customers by giving a message and another ways to share your business. We can print depending on your choice by using the bottle neck tag printing process from standard size to customize. You can also select optional to standard spot UV coating and overall high gloss UV coating.

At JML we ensure to give a high-quality bottle neck tags that can stand out and reflects the beauty of your products. We offer OEM and ODM services together with low MOQ, fast delivery, and affordable bottle neck tags.

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Different Cardstock to make Bottle Neck Tags

Cardstock Gloss
Cardstock Gloss

This material offers a different feature to use in making bottle neck tags including:

  • Scuff resistance
  • It is stiff and thick cardstock with a gloss finish
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Can be written using a ballpoint pen and permanents markets
  • It is most popularly used for business cards, postcards, etc.
  • It offers durable and strong to use for bottles neck tags
Cardstock Matte
Cardstock Matte
  • It is a non-reflective matte finish for elegant and classic looks
  • Offers a non-glossy surface that provides better writability
  • Can be written using different markers
  • Best choice for hang tags, neck tags, and so on.
  • Water-resistant and moisture-proof

Why Choose JML as Your Leading Supplier of Bottle Neck Tags

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We provide bottle neck tags using advanced printing technology. We can do more than 150 bottle neck tag products and help to give you good quality and impression. JML also provides more than 1000 options to customize bottle name tags to meet your specific requirements. By that, we rest assured to give you quality assurance from standard to customize bottle neck tags.

Professional Team
Professional Team

JML has a professional team that offers quality service including the following:

  • After-sales service
  • Free sample
  • Instant reply
  • And more

All products from JML including bottle neck tags meet the international certificates such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001
  • FSC certified and so on.
Enhance your Business with Bottle Neck Tags from JML
Enhance your Business with Bottle Neck Tags from JML

JML always ensures to give high-quality bottle neck tags. We offer stringent quality control, one-stop solutions, after-sales service, strong productivity, lower cost, and greater value. Message us now!

  • “Thank you so much, JML for such durable bottle neck tags for my business. I will always choose as my top supplier.”

  • “After many years of finding a reliable supplier, I am very thankful that I found you JML. You give me what I want for my growing business including your bottle neck tags .”

  • Bottle neck tags are so beautiful and I really love your customized design for what I want that use for my bar’s business. Thank you so much and I will give a five stars to you and your team.”

Which Information Should Bottle Neck Tags Have?

A growing number of companies are using bottle neck tags, especially on wine bottles.You can typically display branding details, tasting notes on bottle neck tags.

All-purpose bottles, like  cask beers, artisan gins, premium cider are frequently the best candidates for custom bottle neck tags.

Why Fold Bottle Neck Tags?

Typically, hangers and collars for bottle necks are folded so you can slip them over the neck of a bottle to create a variety of designs and effects.

Do You Have Templates For Bottle Neck Tag Designs?

Yes, you will be able to select your preferred bottle neck style from our website, download the template, and begin creating your own unique bottle neck tags by adding your design.

Which Bottle Neck Tag Materials Are Popular?
  • PVC
  • Special paper
  • White cardboard
  • Metal plate
  • Acrylic
How Do You Hang Bottle Neck Tags?
  • Snap buttons are used on leather bottle neck tags to provide a tight fit.
  • Paper bottle neck tags with large, circular holes stick to the neck of the bottle after passing through it.
  • Strings are used to attach other textiles and plastics, such PVC, to the bottle.
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