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6 Trendy Holiday Packaging Ideas for this Season

As the holiday season nears, customers seek ideal gifts. Remember, packaging’s appeal is as vital as the gift itself.

This season, embrace the festive spirit by creating custom packaging that enhances the unboxing experience, making it as memorable as the gift inside.

Why Do Businesses Need Holiday Packaging

holiday gift box from jml packaging

Bespoke holiday-themed packaging elevates your standard products, making them stand out and more memorable.

This additional element not only distinguishes your products, enhancing their value and appeal in a competitive market where capturing consumer attention is key.

In the highly competitive holiday market, standing out is increasingly difficult. So, unique gift packaging can set your product apart, attracting customer attention in a crowded market.

Considering this, let’s explore the top gift packaging trends for this year’s holiday season.

What Are the Trends in Holiday Packaging Design? 

1. Bolder, brighter, more festive colorscustom festive holiday gift box -jml packaging box


Traditional holiday colors like red, green, and gold will always be in style.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected color combinations to create a unique and eye-catching look. Even a small addition of these colors can have a significant impact.

In the upcoming winter season, there is a noticeable trend towards the use of brighter and bold colors, expanding beyond the traditional green and red palette.

2. Creative Patterns

luxury design paper packaging-jml packaging

Elevate your festive packaging with seasonal patterns and creative designs, both internally and externally.

This shift from standard designs underscores your dedication to a unique, seasonal customer experience.

3. Sustainable Materials

kraft gift box-jml packaging

In 2023, eco-friendly packaging will be a top trend. From recycled cardboard to biodegradable materials, companies are finding innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact.

4. External Accessories

custom paper gift box for christmas-jml packaging

Custom ribbons, personalized gift cards, clear windows, personalized stickers, and festive ornaments like miniature bells elevate holiday boxes, giving them a unique, special gift appeal.

5. Embossing

hot foil -jml packaging

Embossing and debossing have become popular choices for luxury brands, offering a three-dimensional effect on packaging surface designs.  

This technique enhances visual elements and brand logos, making them stand out very well. It adds a noticeable tactile and visual appeal, appealing to customers.

6. Foil Stamping

foil stamping-jml packaging

Foil stamping enhances the visual appeal of your packaging and, when used in combination with embossing or debossing, creates a more striking effect.

Applying foil stamping to your brand’s name, logo, or festive symbols can elevate the sophistication of your packaging.


The holiday season is an ideal time for businesses to explore creative packaging designs. With endless possibilities, feel free to experiment and enjoy the process. Your customers will value the creativity and effort in your gift packages.

Need help getting started on your custom holiday packaging design? Contact JML packaging experts today!








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